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Researchers reveal sitting too long causes early death

Researchers reveal sitting too long causes early death

Whether you follow a proper diet or maintain your body fit, you need to take a break every 30 minutes when you are sitting for excessively long periods, researchers say. Even though you exercise a lot, sitting too long may cause early death.

Also, sitting too long may increase the risk of diabetes, cancer, and heart diseases. 

Does sitting too long cause early death?

Most health experts suggest that people follow this simple guideline: “Sit less, move more.” As it is true, sitting too long causes early death, and also it may affect your health. 

According to the report published by Annals of Internal Medicine, sitting for a long time may reduce your life span and increase the risk of early death from cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer.

Too much sitting can also reduce your blood flow, slow metabolism, raise the blood sugar level, and reduce the good cholesterol level by 20%.

A study in the American Journal of Epidemiology links sitting too long to a higher risk of death from all causes, such as Parkinson’s, coronary heart disease, kidney disease, stroke, diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), suicide, lung disease, liver disease, and peptic ulcer

Not only sitting too long causes early death, but the lifestyle we follow in the present day may also increase the risk of premature death.

Technology has increased the sitting time, as more than half of the world population spent time in front of the computer or watching TV. 


If you are sitting for a longer time, you can do some aerobic exercises for 2 hours and 30 minutes a week, and even you can do exercises that will help strengthen your muscles.

If you are sitting for more than 30 minutes, then you can take a break as you can go for a fast walk which may help you to reduce the health risks that occur by sitting. 

The setting time can be reduced by taking frequent breaks in between, and also you can prefer sitting in different positions, which will work for your muscles.  

Simple ways to reduce prolonged sitting

Many studies and researches show that if you decrease your sitting time, you can improve health. So we need to find some simple ways which will help us to stay more active.

You can add some simple activities in between while sitting for a longer period, which will prevent the early death caused by side effects of prolonged sitting. 

The simple ways to reduce prolonged sitting include; 

  • If you are watching TV, you can watch it by doing other household works like folding clothes or simply standing and watching TV.
  • For every 30 minutes, you can do some stretches or exercises which will help you to relax your muscles.
  • If you are watching TV, then in between the TV commercial ads, you can go for a fast walk. 
  • If you are working at the office, then you go for a short walk around the building. This may help you to relax your muscles.
  • Even you can do small things like taking up the steps instead of the elevator, using a restroom that is far away from your desk, etc. These small activities will help to improve your lifestyle.

Can a decrease in sitting time prolong the life period?

Even if you don’t do any kind of physical activity but decreased your sitting hours to less than 3 hours daily, then your life expectancy can be increased by 0.2 years, researchers say. So, a small change in the sitting time will have a greater impact on your health. Start decreasing your sitting time from now on to increase your longevity. 

Practice some physical activities

If you are spending a little time on any kind of physical activity, you can prevent any kind of health problems. Increasing your physical time may also boost your health, so try to spend a lot of time doing any kind of exercise or a long walk, and you can even do this whenever you get time in between your work. 

During your break hour, you can do some kind of stretches which will help to relax your muscles. Every week you should spend 2.5 hours doing any kind of moderate physical activity such as brisk walking, you can go jogging or long-running, and maybe you can try some high-intensity exercises.

Limit your kids sitting time

World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines say to grow up a healthy child. The child needs to sit less and play more.

In today’s world, even kids are also spending their time sitting as they spend more time in front of the digital screen. So you can also help them to do any physical activities, or you can give them any kind of rigorous training for three days a week. This will help them to stay active, and also, you can even reduce their screening time.

So, always remember that the more you sit, the more your cardiovascular health gets affected. A lengthy or uninterrupted sitting time may make your health even worse, so we need to pay more attention to the moving. 

Bottom line

If you reduced the sitting time, it might help enhance your health, and you can also see some improvement in your body. Even though you follow a lot of physical activity, sitting for too long causes early death. So, take a break after every 30 minutes, sitting for more than 30 minutes a time, and more than 12 hours a day will reduce your longevity.