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Scientists say why the oldest child is the most responsible

Why the oldest child is the most responsible

If you are the eldest child in the family, then we have something special for you that you can brag about in front of everyone. 

Studies have shown that the oldest child is the most responsible. 

It means that you are more clever, responsible, and smart than the rest of your siblings. 

We at Mayor Boss have done our research to prove with facts and logic that the oldest child is the most responsible one. So let’s take a deeper dive.

Older Child Have Higher IQ

Studies and researches have shown that older children have a higher IQ level than younger siblings. Due to this, they’re usually more smart and intelligent than their younger siblings. 

In 2007, research was done on 2.5 million adults in Norway. 

The researchers concluded that the firstborn people had 2.3 higher IQ points than their young siblings.  

Why’s that so? Is it due to genetics or the environment? Well, the environment plays a more significant role than genetics in this regard. 

The oldest children grow up teaching stuff to their younger siblings. When the oldest children teach things to their younger siblings, they can better retain knowledge and Information for a long time. 

It’s because when you teach something to others, your brain stores information in a presentable way that lasts longer in your mind.

Oldest Children Are More Responsible

The oldest children are more responsible because they’re always on the lead. 

They make way for their younger siblings and keep guiding them about what to do and what to avoid. 

This enhances their leadership skills and prepares them to take on challenges with great responsibility and confidence effectively.

In the famous book “The Sibling Effect,” author Jeffrey Kluger says that the oldest children are more focused on family loyalty. 

They have a sense of responsibility among them, and that’s why they’re always obedient and focused on keeping everyone close. 

The oldest children are more sympathetic as they’re more deeply connected with everyone. 

Oldest Children Are More Successful

As we have mentioned above, that firstborn children are generally more focused on traditional achievements and family loyalty. 

Thus, they are always busy working on things to please their parents. 

They perform well at school and even at other competitions. It’s because they want to please their parents and also maintain their domination over the younger siblings. 

They are always in competition with their younger sibling and never want to lose because they know that their ego is at stake, and they’ll lose all of their dominance if they do not win. 

That’s why they work harder everywhere and become successful.

Oldest Children Obey Rules

Studies have shown that the oldest children are more traditional, conventional, and they follow the rules and status quo. 

On the other hand, younger children are rebellious, and they always want to try something unconventional, against the trend and status quo. 

Due to this reason, the oldest children are considered more responsible because they always follow the rules and never cross the red lines.

Oldest Children Are More Honest

As you know, the oldest children are not rebellious. They always follow the rules and never challenge the status quo. 

All these traits make them more honest than the younger siblings. They are better listeners and value the opinions of other people. 

Oldest Children Have Mature Personalities

The oldest children are generally well brought up by their parents. Since it is their first child, they leave no stone unturned for their child’s better upbringing. 

The parents are concerned about every action of their first child because it’s their first child. 

They exert strenuous efforts to perfectly shape up the character and personality of their first child. 

This is the reason why the oldest children have more serious and mature personalities than the younger ones. 

After their first or second childbirth, parents become a bit relaxed and have a casual attitude towards their second, third, or fourth child’s upbringing. 

That’s the reason they cannot properly focus on their personality and character development. So that’s why the oldest children have mature personalities and character than the younger ones.

Final Thoughts

If you are not the oldest child in your family, it does not mean that you should just give up on everything and start crying about your luck and why you weren’t born as the first child.

Your birth order doesn’t have anything to do with your fate, career, and end goals. All these studies and researches are just general opinions made by analyzing the data of a large population.

Always keep in mind that your success in life will depend upon your hard work, determination, willpower, and not on your birth order. So work hard, be firm and resolute and achieve your dreams.