3 Signs God is speaking to you

Signs God is speaking to you

In this short guide, I’m showing you exactly three signs God is speaking to you.

Many of us find it difficult to identify God’s voice. But He says:

“My sheep will hear my voice” – John 10:27-28

But when Jesus said this, He did not mean a physical audible voice. 

He meant that those who are His sheep would identify between a fake ‘Jesus’ and the real deal. 

So how do we identify the difference? 

We go and search and study Jesus’ teaching and character because anything that conflicts with it is not the real thing. 

So how do we know God is trying to reach us? 

1. Conviction from the Holy Spirit: This is a sign God wants you to confess your sin

John 16:8 states:

“And when he comes, he will convict the world concerning sin and righteousness and judgment.”

When the Holy Spirit convicts you, He usually wants you to turn from sin. 

For example, you will feel guilty about your sin and truly sorry for committing them.

In fact, this should push you to repent and seek forgiveness for your sins by confessing them to God. 

As John 1:9 explains:

“If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.”

Sin happens on a continuous basis. 

But, as a believer in Jesus Christ, repentance should happen more frequently after giving your heart to the Lord. 

It is not a one-time thing, and then you are fine. 

Always remember this: God loves you for who you are not what you do.

The Holy Spirit will help you grow by helping you identify those things that cause tension between you and God.

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2. God is speaking to you through his scriptures

Scripture is an important tool for God to use to speak to you. 

Many of us say we hear audible voices, but we need to always check and see if they align with the scripture. 

Why? Because anything that contradicts scripture and its teachings is something that is not from God. 

The best place to see what God is saying to you is: in the Bible. 

Because in today’s world, it is difficult to know if people are giving you false prophecies.

So rather, go and study the scripture and place that message of high importance instead of new revelation.

3. God is speaking to you through your prayer

Now you’re probably wondering…

Does God speak to us through prayer?  

The simple answer is yes! 

We do most of the talking when it comes to prayer, but it is important that we communicate with God on a regular basis. 

Remember: The Bible also teaches us how to pray. 

Go and check it out and see if you can find it. 

But, how do I hear the voice of God when I pray?

To be clear, you should difference the deceiver’s voice vs the Voice of God:

The deceiver is there to trick you into thinking God is speaking because he comes dressed as the things you desire (your own fleshly desires). 


God is the honest, truthful character who is not afraid to be dressed as the things you don’t desire but need.

In short, when God speaks with you through prayer, you will feel it in your hearts and minds.

The bottom line

God is speaking to you through:

  • Convicts of your sin
  • His scriptures
  • And your prayers

So please remember these signs in order for your relationship with God to improve. 

I pray that this is something you really take into practice.

Keep in mind: God loves you endlessly!

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