22 Signs He Is Madly in Love With You

22 Signs He Is Madly in Love With You

Are you wondering if your guy is in love with you?

There are many signs that can signal to you whether he loves you or not.

Maybe the two of you have had a fight, and he has been acting strange.

Or maybe it’s just because he says “I love you” all the time but never does anything romantic for you.

Whatever the case may be, here are 22 signs that will help determine if your boyfriend/husband/partner is madly in love with you!

Here are 22 signs he is madly in love with you

1. He is smitten by you

He is fascinated by your very existence.

Everything about you makes him happy.

He loves the way you walk.

He also noticed every single scar on your body.

He loves how you move your hands.

He just loves everything that you do.

2. He is concerned for your safety

He wants you to be safe because he cares about your well-being.

For example, he always wants to know if you got home safe if your car is working correctly and if your doors are correctly locked at night.

He is concerned for your safety and happiness, which means that he truly loves you.

He wants to make sure that nothing bad ever happens to the woman that he adores with his whole heart!

3. He moves his schedule around yours just so he can spend more time with you.

He is madly in love with you when he rearranges his schedule just to spend more time with you.

In fact, if your schedules are conflicting, he will likely try to change his schedule to fit yours.

For instance, he might change his work hours to make sure that you both have time together in the evenings.

He is willing to do anything for you because he loves spending time with you, and he knows you feel the same way about him.

He doesn’t want to miss a moment with you!

4. He sees the part of you that people rarely see

A man who is in love with you pays attention to that private silent part of yourself that you don’t share with the world, and he really sees you for who you are. 

For instance, he notices the little quirks that you have and loves them.

He might even love those parts of yourself that aren’t so cute too.

He just loves the whole of you because that’s who he fell in love with.

5. He desires to be a part of your whole life every chance he gets.

He is madly in love with you when he wants to be a part of every aspect of your life.

For instance, he wants to hang out with your friends and family.

He loves being a part of every aspect of your life, no matter how small it is.

In fact, he doesn’t want you to spend any time at all without him!

6. He misses you when you are apart

He is madly in love with you when he misses you even though you are apart.

For instance, you might go to a party or out with your friends, and he is sad that you are not there.

He sent you a text just to tell you that he misses you and can’t wait until you are together again.

This means that he loves being with you, and he can’t get enough of you.

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7. He wants to spend all day doing nothing with you

He just wants to hang out with you even when there is nothing serious to do. 

For instance, he just wants to watch movies together or cook with you in the kitchen.

He loves doing all of the little things with you because it makes him feel like he is spending time with his best friend.

8. He enjoys kissing you

He kisses you longer than he used to and passionately.

He makes sure he puts his hand on the back of your head with his fingers in between your hair while massaging your head. 

In short, he just loves kissing you and doesn’t want the kiss to stop.

9. He remembers the funny, sassy things you say

He loves everything about you, and one of those things is how funny you are.

For instance, he could be talking with friends or co-workers, and they would mention something that you said or did out loud to him in the past.

At this point, he might start telling them all about your sassy sense of humor and how hilarious you are.

He loves to share these stories with his friends because he can’t get enough of your sense of humor!

10. He remembers your favorite perfume scent, your favorite book, your preferred clothing e.t.c.

He loves all of the little things about you, including your favorite perfume scent or book.

For instance, he might remember that you have a certain type of clothing that makes him feel happy just thinking about it.

You are his best friend and lover, so he wants to keep those memories alive!

11. He doesn’t want you to leave when it is time for you to go home or go to work

He knows you have to go, but he wishes you would stay longer with him. 

For instance, he wants you to stay longer even though it is time for you to go.

He might not want your date or night together with him to end because he just loves spending time with you!

12. He remembers dates that are important to you

He remembers your birthday, your anniversary, and even your mom’s birthday. 

He wants to remember these dates because they are important to you, and he loves celebrating with you.

Even though it is your birthday or anniversary that day, he makes sure the whole day/night is about spending time together with just him and you! 

13. He remembers the first time you met and what transpired.

He loves the story of how you two met, and he wants to hear it over and over again.

He might remember how nervous you were around him when you first met or how happy it made him feel to get your number that night.

The fact is he just loves remembering everything about the beginning of your relationship together! 

14. Your happiness matters to him. 

He wants to make sure your happiness is number one, and he puts you before himself.

For instance, if it means letting go of something that makes him happy so you can be happier around him, he will do it without thinking twice! 

15. He pays attention to you and what you say

If you tell him you don’t like sugar in your coffee, he makes sure the barrister doesn’t put sugar in your coffee. 

You could tell him to do something, and he does it without having you ask multiple times.

He loves listening and paying attention because he wants to please you! 

16. He plays with you

He loves playing with you because it makes him feel like a kid again, and he feels carefree.

In fact, he wants to play with you and tickle you.

It also reminds him of the good old days when his mother would tickle or play with him as a child! 

17. He goes shopping with you

He goes shopping with you to places most masculine men don’t like to be, such as jewelry stores, makeup sections of the mall, and the salon.  

He might even go shopping with you for shoes because he wants to make sure your feet are happy! 

18. He remembers the little things about you that most people wouldn’t remember.

It could be how much sugar you like in your coffee or what type of nail polish color makes you feel beautiful on a particular day.

What matters is that he remembers these little things about you, and it makes him feel good to make you happy! 

19. He is always flirting with you, even in public.

He loves to flirt with you in public because he knows it makes you smile, and it shows how much fun both of you have together.

It also makes him feel good knowing that other people see his affection for you! 

20. He shares his life with you

He wants to include you in his life, and he is open with you about everything.

For instance, he shares his past, his presence, and his future plans with you. 

21. He is open with his financial state with you

He keeps some info to himself until he can fully trust you, but you know the basics, such as his full job description, the average of how much he makes a year, how much he owe on student loans, and how he is tackling it. 

22. He is forthcoming with information about his past relationships and how they ended

He truthfully owns up to his role in the relationships he has had and how he contributed to the end of his past relationships

He wants to start fresh with you and knows that if there is no trust at the beginning of a relationship, it will never work out.

He shares his past with you because he cares about your feelings and doesn’t want to hurt them!

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