10 Warning Signs Of A Frenemy

Signs Of A Frenemy

We all have them in our lives- Frenemies.

They are the people who act like your best friend, but ultimately just want to use you for their own gain.

While it can be hard to spot these toxic relationships early on, there are some warning signs that you can watch out for.

Keep reading to learn more about Frenemies and how to protect yourself from them!

What is a frenemy?

A frenemy is a person who is your friend in the eyes of the public and in your eyes but actually hates your guts.

A frenemy is one who is your friend but acts like an enemy.

Such friendships are very dangerous to have.

Signs Of A Frenemy

How do you know if your friend is a frenemy?

Here, we’ll explain ten signs to know if one of your friends acts like a frenemy:

1. That friend that always nitpicks how you look

Do you remember the last time you bought a dress and you were so happy that the dress fit perfectly and you looked amazing, but one of your friends pointed out how your tummy is too big in that dress, or the dress made you look ugly?

Yeah, that friend is not your friend.

That friend is insecure about themselves, therefore, projecting their insecurities on you because they want to make you feel bad so they can feel better about themselves.

If you’re going to feel happy and love how you look, you need to drop that frenemy and move on to making better friends.

2. He or she always has something negative to say about your ideas

Constructive criticism is okay, but listening to that friend who always has negative things to say about every idea you come up with in the disguise of being honest, is a terrible feeling.

It tears us to pieces, and such friends are not friends.

They are frenemies.

A friend is supposed to constructively help you bring your ideas to life or encourage you to come up with another fantastic idea.

Anybody in your life that is not helping your creative juices flow is not suitable for your growth.

It is best to cut them off so you can thrive.

3. He or she tends to point out that your successes are normal and anybody can do it

Anybody is capable of being successful at anything if they put in the work required, we all know this, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t celebrate our friends when they succeed in something.

The fact that anybody can do something doesn’t need to be pointed out when a friend is winning at a particular thing.

It is a friend’s job to celebrate their friends no matter how small the success may look, and any friend who doesn’t do that is a frenemy and deserves an exit out of your life.

4. When you are with them, you feel drained as if your life source is being sucked out of you

This is a major red flag.

Your friends should add to your well-being and make you feel alive, not drain you to nothingness.

5. That friend that always tries to embarrass you in public

He or she always tends to drink too much at parties you invite them to or say awkward, embarrassing things about you to your boss, lover, siblings, other friends, or anybody that’s willing to listen.

They claim to have no filter on their mouth, yet you are the only one they seem to embarrass all the time.

6. He or she must have everything you have

You have a girlfriend who speaks French, and suddenly they have a female friend who knows a few words in French.

You complained of being depressed, and they magically suffer from depression and anxiety as well, and guess what?

Their mental breakdown is worse than yours.

You want to buy your own house, and the very moment you tell them, they too have already started looking for a house with your specific preferences as well.

7. You always feel like you are in competition with them even though you are not competing with them

Anything you can do, they claim they can do it better or have done it before.

They date guys or girls that look similar to your partner.

8. Your parents have pointed out how that friend is jealous of you, and you should be careful, but you are the only one that sees the good in them

Listen, if you are the only one seeing the good in a person, it means there is no good in them, and you are just blinded by your love for them.

9. They tried to seduce your partner or have s*x with your partner, or they broke the friendship code and dated your ex

Friends who go after the men or women you love are not friends, and they are random people who need to be far away from your life.

10. They pressure you into doing things you don’t want to do

Everybody has an internal compass that guides their lives.

A compass that reminds us that we have reached our limit when we are shopping ourselves into debt.

A compass that reminds us to use a condom so we don’t catch an STI, a compass that reminds us not to drink too much alcohol or not at all because we can’t handle our liquor or because we have liver disease and alcohol makes it worse.

We all have an internal compass that is there to protect us, but you have noticed that whenever you hang out with that friend, you find it difficult to allow your internal compass to protect you.

Your friend decides and chooses what is “best” for you, and when you object, they press further until you give in and later end up with regrets.

Such a friend is not good for you.

Friendship is supposed to make you be at your A-game and help you make better financial and life decisions.

Any friendship that adds to your list of regrets is not a friendship to keep investing your time into.


Friendship is a beautiful concept of 2 or more strangers coming together to support and love each other through the hurdles of life.

Any friendship that doesn’t bring support or a sense of love into your life is not friendship, and it is time to let that toxic friendship go.