9 Signs of a Toxic Relationship You Should Never Ignore

Signs of a Toxic Relationship You Should Never Ignore

Here are the common signs of a toxic relationship:

1. They are continually trying to change you

They criticize you always even for small things, for instance, “your hairstyle suck, you should dye your hair blonde or black.” “You need to lose weight,” “You laugh too loud,” “change your career,” “you don’t know how to dress.” Screw that! Because your partner should love you the way, you are. You deserve someone who loves your unconditionally. Comparing yourself to others and trying to change a personality is not normal. Be yourself; don’t try to be someone else.

2. They always blame you for every single thing

If a person is unable to admit his misbehavior, it is wrong. In a toxic relationship, the person sees no single problem in themself, and they will regularly shift all responsibility to the partner. Indeed, they will keep pulling the blame card over and over repeatedly. Compromise is one of the essential components of a good relationship, and your partner must understand how to compromise.

3. They always try to belittle and shame you

If your partner continually makes it clear to you that without them, you are nobody or nothing – you should run away, stop wasting your time and move on. Otherwise, after a while, you will lose your confidence and become really worthless and helpless.

always try to belittle and shame you

4. You are constantly arguing, fighting and name calling

Of course, arguments are normal. But if even the most childish talk brings you both to a war zone such as pushing each other, slamming their fists into walls, damaging your own properties, threats of violence, or not even allowing you to leave the house during a fight or an argument. You both need to work a little on your relationship. Otherwise, such love will not last long.

5. They don’t respect you at all

You are fully aware that without respect, you cannot build strong, healthy relationships. Besides, it does not make sense to hold on to a toxic relationship in which your feelings, your achievements, and your happiness do not mean anything.

They don't respect you at all

6. They always doubt you and does not trust you at all

It is normal to be jealous in a relationship. Still, if your partner continually doubts you, calling you a liar always, checking your phone and social media constantly, then it means that he or she is trying to controls you. Runaway from such a person, because trust is the building block of a healthy relationship.

7. You constantly lie to one another

There is no lie as a good lie. In circumstances where you knowingly tell your spouse a lie, you should think about what the future of your relationship is in principle. Sooner or later, that lying behavior’s going to going to destroy the relationship. Be honest with each other, and then you can count on mutual openness.

You constantly lie to one another
You constantly lie to one another

8. He always compares you to someone

One of the most offensive parts of any relationship is regularly compared with one another to someone else that he or she has been to you. But it is quite disgusting when your companion continually compares you to other people. This is thoroughly abnormal, discuss it with each other half to stop such a habit.

9. You do not feel happy

If your relationships with your spouse do not bring you the right emotions, butterflies in your stomach, and the confidence that you are loved, or you are finding yourself constantly on edge. This is not your relationship. You should leave before constant stress takes a toll on your physical and emotional health.