Early Signs You Have High Blood Sugar

High Blood Sugar

If your blood sugar is way too high far too long, it can create severe health problems. Presently, a vast number of people are languishing in high blood sugar levels, which will jeopardize their health, placing them under the likelihood of developing diabetes, which is a life-threatening condition that can be very difficult to manage.

High blood sugar (hyperglycemia) is a critical matter that can wreck people with both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. The sad reality, while there is a growing number of persons with diabetes, is that most of the people are still not even aware of it. In fact, according to the CDC, there are millions of people that live with prediabetes who don’t know they have it.

Recurrent or continuous high blood sugar can adversely affect your nerves, blood vessels, and organs. It can further result in other extreme conditions in which your body can’t even process sugar, according to WebMD.

Early Signs You Have High Blood Sugar

The symptoms may come on little by little that you may not even see the changes until you wind up in the hospital. That why It’s essential to know the initial symptoms of high blood sugar without delay to help avert complications.

We at Mayor Boss examined the early symptoms of high blood sugar and would love to share our research with you.

Here are the early symptoms of high blood sugar:

1. Frequent urination

Frequent urination may be a manifestation of high blood sugar. Due to the excess glucose in the blood, your kidneys respond by flushing it out through the urine, which may result in frequent urination, mostly at midnight.

2. Dry mouth, always feeling thirsty

Dry mouth is one of the general displays of high blood sugar. That’s because your body is sending you a signal that it needs water to make up for the fluid you lose via frequent urination. Thanks to your body removing excess sugar. This, in turn, makes you feel extremely thirsty all the time not to be dehydrated. The more you wee-wee, the thirstier you are, the more you drink water, the more you wee-wee, and so onward.

3. Extreme fatigue (feeling tired all the time)

Feel drowsy or tired all the time is part of the most typical initial sign of high blood sugar due to the fact that having high blood sugar levels may decrease your blood circulation, as a result, make you feel exhausted and sluggish all the time.

4. Headaches

Frequent headaches are considered a hint of high blood sugar levels due to dehydration and extreme fatigue. The pain can become extra sharp as your condition gets worse. Learn more about the cause of frequent headaches.

5. Blurred vision

When there is excess sugar in your blood, it may affect eyes because excess sugar with little water will get stuck in your eye lens, causing a swell up in the eye, which results in blurred vision.

6. Sore that is slow to heal

Slow-healing sore is well know early symptoms of high blood sugar since the body’s circulatory system is effect by high blood sugar. The blood can not flow to the sores to heal itself. This primarily affects sores on the feet.

Other high blood sugar symptoms, including:

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Numb or tingling feet
  • Itching skin
  • Acetone breath
  • Vomiting
  • Confusion
  • Trouble breathing
  • Frequent hunger


Lastly, If you think you have any of these symptoms. The most suitable thing to do is to consult your doctor for a thorough blood sugar test right away to quickly determine your blood sugar level. So you can avoid any complications. But if your indicators are really above the norm, follow your doctor’s advice concerning diet, exercise, and medication.