9 Silent Signs of Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes

TYPE 2 diabetes is a lifetime condition that causes a person’s blood glucose level to become too high due to the fact the body cannot adequately use the insulin produces accurately, also known as insulin resistance. Insulin is a hormone that adjusts blood sugar levels.

According to the CDC, there are millions of people living with prediabetes who don’t know they have it because they haven’t been diagnosed. This prediabetes usually develops type 2 diabetes within a few years if they do not detect. Don’t be nervous. People with diabetes are living longer with a healthy lifestyle.

If your blood sugar isn’t managed accurately and always stays hugely high, it may result in numerous complications, including kidney failure, nerve damage, eye problems, heart disease, and stroke. The longer you stay without maintaining your condition, the higher your chance for diabetes-related complications.

So recognizing and understanding the initial signs and symptoms of Type 2 diabetes may lead to a person getting treatment quickly to avoid those complications.

We at Mayor Boss have created a list of symptoms for you that indicates Type 2 diabetes.

The symptoms of type 2 diabetes

1. You have to pee all the time

If your blood sugar levels are way too high, your kidneys will strive to eliminate the high sugar by cleaning it out of your system, resulting in the need to pee more often, especially at night. If you notice that you’re suddenly urinating a lot, and more frequently, for no genuine reason, you should talk to a doctor.

2. You are feeling very thirsty

With all that peeing all the time, you will become dehydrated and thirsty. Regardless of how much you drink, it feels like you’re still dehydrated.

3. You are always very hungry, even after eating.

Can Type 2 diabetes make you hungry? Yes, because you do not get sufficient energy from the food you consume. People with type 2 diabetes frequently feel always hungry, regardless of how recently they have eaten. That’s because their body isn’t getting the glucose it needs from the food due to insulin resistance.

4. Unexplained weight loss for no apparent reason

Unexplained weight loss can occur for numerous reasons, and diabetes is one of them. That because of insulin resistance, you don’t get enough energy through glucose resulting in your body burning its own fat and muscle to replace energy, causing you to lose weight.

5. You’re tired all the time

There are a bunch of several reasons for feeling exhausted now and then. But if you always feel very tired or fatigued for no apparent reason, It could be Type 2 diabetes since you are not getting adequate fuel your body needs, especially when other diabetes symptoms accompany your tiredness.

6. You have blurred vision

Sometime, blurred vision may be a problem that is caused by high blood sugar levels, causing the lens of your eye to swell, which will alter your ability to see correctly. It’s worth getting checked out by a doctor if you have blurred vision. Luckily, blurred vision will clear up soon after getting your blood sugar levels under control.

7. Slow healing of cuts and wounds

High levels of blood glucose can affect your nerves and result in inadequate blood circulation, making it difficult for blood to reach the wound, leading to slow healing. This can especially affect the feet of someone with diabetes. If you notice any slow-healing injuries, especially on the legs and feet, see your doctor for a checkup.

8. You are always Itchiness all the time

People with type 2 diabetes frequently experience itching all the time, especially your legs area due to yeast infections. That’s because high levels of blood make it harder for your body to fight off infection.

9. You have tingling or numbness in the hands or feet (Diabetic neuropathy)

High blood sugar levels in your bloodstream can reduce your blood flow to your extremities, and, as time goes by, it damages your blood vessels and nerves. This can lead to a feeling of pain, burning, tingling, or numbness in the hands and feet.