How to know if a man loves you without saying it

15 Signs That Your Man Loves You Without Saying It

How do you know if your man loves you?

What are the signs that he is in love with you?

As a woman, it can be difficult to know if he really cares about you or not.

You want him to say “I love you,” but sometimes the words just won’t come out of his mouth.

You might be wondering:

Is he scared? Is he unsure?

Does he just not feel that way about me at all?

Do men need time to think before they express themselves emotionally and verbally?

Yes, they do!

And this is especially true when it comes to how they show their feelings for women.

The truth is, he might tell you he is madly in love with you in different ways.

It can be tough when a guy isn’t saying “I love you” or giving any indication of how he feels about you.

In this article, I’ll share with you a couple of ways a man says “I love you” without saying it in words.

Let’s dive in.

How to know if a man loves you without saying it

1. He calls you after you leave his place to make sure you got home safely 

Whenever you leave your house, anything can happen to you out there, so he always wants to make sure you got to your destination safely.

This shows that he cares about you and is always thinking of your well-being even when you’re not together.

It’s a sign that he truly loves you!

2. He takes a look at your car and fixes any problems it may have

A man who loves you wants to make sure your source of transportation is safe.

He doesn’t want to lose you because your car was faulty.

For instance, If he’s always checking to see if you have enough gas or even fill it up for you, this is a good indication that he wants to make sure you can get everywhere safely.

3. He is protective of you

Even when you are wrong, he tries to protect you from people’s words and actions.

He will try to diffuse the situation and make sure you are okay and safe.

This is a huge indication that he cares about you.

4. He wants to know if you have eaten something or do you want him to bring you some food

He may not know how to cook, yet he can stop at a restaurant on his way to your place to get you something for dinner: your health matters to him.

You know the love is deep when he brings you food even though he has other plans.

He wants to make sure you have some food so you don’t die of starvation.

5. He takes you around his family and friends and introduces you as his woman 

Men are proud of the women they love, they want to show them off every chance they get, and they claim them immediately in front of everyone.

If your man is not claiming you as his woman, you are not his woman.

6. He listens to you irrespective of how much you talk

He may not talk much, but his ears are always ready to listen to everything you say.

He doesn’t even utter a word, but he listens attentively.

This is your cue that this man loves you because he wants to know your thoughts and opinions better. 

7. He holds your hands in public

A man who loves you wants to touch you any chance he gets, and holding your hands in public is one of the ways he expresses that.

He also holds your hands to show the world he loves you, and you are his.

8. He tickles you when you are not looking

He fancies being in your personal space to tickles you.

That’s is love right there.

He loves your physical presence, and he wants to make sure you know.

9. He wants to spend most of his time and be close to you no matter where you are

At a party, in the grocery store, on the road, in the mall, etc.

Where ever you are, he wants to be there with you.

He loves to spend time with you, and he doesn’t want anyone else but you.

This is a sign that he loves you without saying it.

10. He calls just to hear your voice

He has missed your voice, so he will call randomly throughout the day to hear you speak on just about anything.

He may not be saying much, but he loves hearing your voice.

If you notice this gesture from him regularly, rest assured that he loves you.

11. He is curious about what you are doing throughout the day

He will chat you up multiple times a day so that he can be involved in your day.

He wants to know what you are doing, who you are with, and how your day is going.

This shows that he cares about you.

12. He plays with your hair, with your hands, etc

His playful side becomes more noticeable when he is around you.

He loves the way you look and feel, and he can’t get enough of touching your hair.

This shows that he loves you without saying it.

13. He noticed the things you need and got them for you without you asking. 

When you love someone, you pay attention to them. Men are no different. He wants to see you happy.

14. His eyes are always on you

His eyes follow you around a room like a puppy looking at his or her favorite human being.

He loves you so much that he can’t keep his eyes away from you.

This is a clear indication that he loves you.

15. He is excited about getting to know your family and friends. 

Families can be strict, but if he is interested in getting to know them, that is a genuine assurance that he loves you.

If your companion didn’t think you are a treasure, he wouldn’t be asking you to meet your family and friends.

In conclusion

A man who loves you will be willing to do whatever it takes to make sure that the love is mutual.

He won’t always tell you how much he loves you, but his actions will show it.

If he does all of these things without saying the words “I love you,” it is clear that he loves you.

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