10 Reasons You Need to Spend Time With Yourself More Often

10 Reasons You Need to Spend Time With Yourself More Often

Did you know that spending time with yourself is good for your mental health?

Believe it or not, spending time alone has been shown to increase happiness, reduce stress, and help us concentrate more.

Spending time alone is a tough concept for most people.

They hate sitting with themselves, going to the movies alone, or doing their shopping alone.

They prefer to be in the midst of people regularly, just to avoid being alone.

But what they do not realize is that being alone can be so great for their mental health.

In this blog post, we will discuss ten reasons why you need to spend time with yourself more often.

10 reasons you need to spend time with yourself more often

1. You Think Better

One of the reasons why you need to spend time with yourself more often is because it helps your brain think better.

Most problems in life require thought to arrive at a reasonable solution.

When you spend time alone, you feel better.

You are able to analyze the situation in front of you.

And adequately come up with an excellent solution to fix the issue at hand instead of listening to other people’s negative, unhelpful comments about the situation.

2. You Become More Resilient

Studies have emphasized that people who spend more time alone are happier and more satisfied with life and are less stressed.

They can confront anything life throws at them because they are used to handling life alone and have built their mental strength while in solitude.

3. You Learn More About Yourself

Spending time alone helps you see who you really are.

You begin to learn about the foods you like, your personal style, your taste in partners, your pet peeves, your fears e.t.c.

In short, spending time with yourself will help you come to know yourself more than anyone else can.

4. Your Creative Juices Flow More 

Being alone gives your mind the chance to wander to different places and conceive what seems impossible to most people.

Alone time boost your creative juices and let them flow without outside interruptions.

For example, if you are a musician, spending time alone helps you better your vocals and lyrics.

If you love to write articles or read books, then being alone will help greatly boost your writing in a way that others will not be able to do.

And if you like cooking as a hobby, spending more time with yourself means coming up with new recipes by playing around with different ingredients.

And if you are a business owner, then spending time alone helps you better yourself as a leader and manager of your business.

These are just a few examples of how spending time with yourself boosts your creativity and helps you come up with great ideas that others will not be able to think of.

5. It Boosts Your Confidence

Once you learn you can do a lot of wonderful things by yourself, your confidence grows.

In fact, you no longer fear going to restaurants or movie theaters by yourself.

You become more comfortable just being yourself without fear of judgment from other people.

Because you know who you are, and you understand that people judge you based on what’s going on in their lives and what they are struggling it.

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6. Your Life Goals Become More Important To You

Most of us are always planning vacations and shopping sprees with friends.

That’s because we usually always spend time with them when we are not at work, and they can easily influence us to do what they like.

When you learn to spend time alone, you begin to see how many resources you waste, hanging out all the time.

Your goals start to change.

Where you used to spend time and money shopping from one store to another, you spend time learning techniques to save more and invest wisely.

Your future goals become clear and possible.

7. You Teach Your Children That Being Independent And Spending Time Alone Is A Good Trait To Have

Your kids do what you do, not what you tell them to do.

So if you enjoy spending time alone and basking in your individuality, they will pick that up from you and do the same.

Also, studies show that kids who learn to be by themselves are better behaved than other children. 

8. It Boosts Your Productivity

When you learn to spend time alone, your productivity goes up, and you get more done in a shorter amount of time.

Research proves that people perform better when they have little privacy, while being surrounded by people kills productivity.

Spending too much time with people means you will have a lot of distractions and not be able to get things done as effectively.

Spending more time alone gives your mind a chance to focus on what you are doing and not be disturbed by other people’s opinions or thoughts.

In other words:

Being alone gives your mind the chance to wander and conceive what seems impossible to most people.

9. Spending Time Alone Help You Recognize The Relationships That Are Most Valuable To You

10 Reasons You Need to Spend Time With Yourself More Often

It is so easy to get carried away by the number of people around us.

So much so that we begin to believe everyone in our lives has our best interests at heart when, in reality, it is not always so. 

When we spend some time alone, we begin to mark those who really care about us and who we desire to spend our time with.

We notice the real friends and fake ones.

We see the relationships that are worth holding onto and the ones that need to go.

10. Spending Time Alone Increases Your Empathy

When you spend time alone, you get the chance to be part of your own life and understand what makes you tick.

You begin to care more about your needs and desires, which makes it easier for you to understand what other people are going through.

Being more empathetic towards yourself makes you more empathetic towards others.

You are aware of what people need to hear when they are in pain and how best to listen to them.

This way, you become a better friend and family member than others who do not spend time alone often.

For example:

Being by yourself without the input of your circle of friends and family for a couple of times a week will help you see the world differently.

You will find that you have more compassion for people who don’t share the same mindset as you and, you are willing to understand where others are coming from.

How to spend time with yourself

Let’s say you want to spend time with yourself.

Here are some ways to do that:

  • Start meditating – try out different techniques and find one that works for you
  • Write in a journal about what you’re grateful for, things that make you happy, and things that are going well in your life
  • Go on a solo trip and explore new places by yourself 
  • Cook something you love to eat and enjoy it by yourself at home
  • Watch your favorite movie or TV show
  • Drink tea and read a book for an hour 
  • Get some fresh air by taking a walk around your neighborhood or through the park
  • Find hobbies to do on your own, like knitting, or painting
  • Spend an hour at the spa getting pampered from head to toe 
  • Go out for dinner with yourself alone – no kids/spouse/roommates allowed!
  • Listen to music that makes you happy
  • Go to the beach and watch the waves

In conclusion

Spending time alone is not something you need to run away from but rather embrace.

Being more aware of yourself and your needs will help you prioritize who you want in your life.

When you spend time alone, it will become easier for you to see the people who are not worth your time and attention.

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