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Top 5 best teas to relieve stress and anxiety

Top 5 best teas to relieve stress and anxiety

Can drinking tea help relieve your stress and anxiety? Stress and anxiety have become common in people in recent times. They can have severe impacts on a person’s health and wellbeing. Many people seek expensive treatments with prescription drugs and supplements to get rid of stress and anxiety. However, few of them might have considered drinking a cup of tea for the purpose. The fact remains that drinking a cup of tea can help relieve your stress and anxiety.

So, what tea is good for anxiety and stress?  

While tea can be effectively used to relieve the stress and anxiety you are experiencing, not all teas are equally effective. That is why you need to know about and select the best tea for the purpose. This means that the tea chosen should be result-oriented and effective in countering the stress invasion due to a hectic schedule.

At Mayor Boss, we researched the best stress relief tea for you, so without delay, here is information on the 5 best teas to relieve your stress and anxiety.

1. Chamomile tea 

Chamomile tea is sweet and tasty and also extremely effective in relieving any stress and resulting anxiety. To prepare the tea, you have to:

  • Infuse chamomile flower into the hot water;
  • You should use the fresh or dried blossoms for making the tea; and
  • Drink the tea when it is warm.

Effects of chamomile tea 

  • It has a tremendous calming effect on the body and mind;
  • It binds to the GABA receptors in the brain, and the result is a relaxing effect; 
  • As the tea is prepared using herbal components, it has no adverse side effects;
  • The tea targets the nervous system in the body;
  • It is long used as one of the best bedtime beverages that helps calm sleep for the consumer.

Chamomile tea brewing process

The brewing process of Chamomile tea is as follows:

  • Take one teaspoon of dried or two tablespoons of fresh chamomile flowers; 
  • Boil the water and add the dried or fresh flowers to it; 
  • Steep the contents for around 8-10 minutes; and
  • Drink at bedtime. 

2. Green tea to relieve stress and anxiety

Green tea comes up with multiple health benefits, and one of them is relieving stress and reducing anxiety. The reason is that green tea contains several antioxidants and can also detoxify the body. Additionally, it is recommended for weight loss and is effective as a supplement for treating blood pressure, diabetes, and many other syndromes. It has proved very useful when applied to relieve your stress and anxiety because of its calming effects on the nerves. 

Green tea components

Green tea contains:

  • Various antioxidants;
  • Polyphenols working as health boosters; and
  • An L-Theanine amino acid that is good for health

Effects of green tea

Since L-Theanine in green tea directly influences the human brain, it can result in a calming effect on the body. The amino acid increases alpha-wave activities in the brain with an overall relaxing effect by reducing stress and resulting anxieties. 

Green tea brewing

  • You can use one of the varieties of green tea like the Japanese version that is slightly sweet and has a grassy flavor; 
  • Conversely, you can take the Chinese version that is toasty and earthy; 
  • Brew the green tea with the temperature in the range of 150-170 degrees Fahrenheit; and
  • Steep for just 2-3 minutes before drinking.

3. Passionflower tea to reduce stress and anxiety

The tea is prepared using flowers from the passionflower tree. It also offers a delicate flavor and is slightly sweet. Hence, Passionflower tea can be combined with chamomile tea and other herbal teas for better taste. It is commonly used in Europe to address stress-related issues. 

Passionflower tea components

Major components of passionflower tea are:

  • Flavonoids with calming effects;
  • Flavone Chrysin; and
  • It is 100% natural. 

Passionflower tea effects

The ingredients in passionflower help in impacting the nerves to relieve your stress and anxiety. In addition, the flavonoids in it affect the GABA receptors in the brain and calm down the irritated nerves. It is also better than prescription drugs like midazolam because it is purely herbal and does not have any side effects.

Passionflower tea brewing

  • Use one teaspoon of dried petals of passionflower for every 8 ounces of water;
  • Steep in boiling water for 8-10 minutes; and
  • Drink the tea at bedtime to have a sound sleep.

4. Lemon balm tea for stress relief

One of the healthiest alternative teas for stress relief is lemon balm tea. It is prepared by putting the lemon balm leaf in hot water. However, its inviting flavor has proved effective in reducing stress levels and anxiety. 

Components of lemon balm tea

The only component in this tea is lemon balm tree leaves that are fresh.

Effects of lemon balm tea

  • Reduction in stress;
  • As it is 100% herbal, it has no adverse side effects;
  • It works fast, showing improvement within 2-3 hours only; and 
  • While relieving stress and anxiety, it does not compromise with health issues. 

Lemon balm tea brewing

The following is the brewing process for lemon balm tea.

  • Use one tablespoon of dried or two tablespoons of fresh leaves; 
  • The above components are meant for one cup of tea;
  • Steep for 8-10 minutes; and
  • Drink any time you like.

5. Rose tea to relieve your stress 

Rose tea is an herbal alternative to traditional tea that is good to relieve your stress and start healing. It offers a delicate floral flavor. It is also mildly sweet to taste. With its neuro-pharmaceutical characteristics, it also has been incredibly successful in reducing sleep disorders in patients.

Rose tea components

A significant component of this herbal tea is rose petals. However, it is possible mixing with other herbal teas around. It also contains flavonoids that reduce stress. 

Rose tea effects

Effects of Rose tea are: 

  • Hypnotic and analgesic effects on people using it;
  • Helps quick and deep sleep;
  • It influences benzodiazepine receptors in the anatomy to reduce stress levels; and
  • As it is 100% herbal, it works better than prescription drugs like Xanax and Clonazepam. 

Rose tea brewing

For every 8 ounces of water, you can use a large tablespoon of dried pallets. Steep in boiling water for 7-8 minutes, and you can also use honey as a sweetener.

In conclusion

The only task for the person looking to use the best teas to relieve stress and anxiety is finding the best products and also a reliable provider selling them.