10 Things Your Relationship Need More Than Love

Things Your Relationship Need More Than Love

There are two schools of thought when it comes to a relationship.

Those who say love is all you need, and those who say love is not enough.

Over here at Mayorboss.com, we believe love is the icing that beautifies the cake, but love is not the cake.

Love is necessary for every relationship, but love is not enough for a relationship to last a lifetime.

The cake is values that will take any relationship out of the divorce and break up categories. 

Here are ten things a relationship needs other than love:

1. Financial Stability

Money is not everything, but it is a necessary resource for survival on planet earth.

The majority of life’s activities and plans involve money.

Here are some of the reasons why money is necessary:

  • It takes money to travel to a new city. 
  • It takes money to pay for our children’s school fees. 
  • It takes money to have a roof over our heads.
  • It takes money to have food on the table.
  • It takes money to have some sort of clothing to cover our nakedness.
  • It takes money to pay hospital bills.

Money is such a vital resource that some of us spend over 10 hours of our day trying to make some money. 

Thinking that all you need is love and money is not that important is the first step to lying to yourself, Hoping that only your partner should make money for you to spend the second.

Therefore, how your partner spends money is important.

Their saving skills, their taste in material goods, the amount of money they bring home, their debt e.t.c. are all very important.

We will not all earn a million dollars a month, but ask yourself, how do you and your partner spend the $2500 a month that you both earn? 

Money is necessary.

Yes, sometimes your wife will be a stay-at-home mum or your husband will be a stay-at-home dad, but in these cases, staying at home should be more economically beneficial to your relationship.

Staying at home should ease up money on daycare, transportation, food e.t.c.

Staying home should cause your monthly expenses to fit your needs.

2. Emotional Intelligence

The ability to decipher other people’s emotional states and your emotional state in every situation is a must.

Your partner will not always be in a good mood and you will not always be happy but how do you both handle these situations when they arise?

How do you and your lover express anger?

Do you break things, put each other down or walk out for the main time until you can both discuss the problem in a calm manner?

How do you communicate your feelings and your partner’s actions that got you to feel bad in the first place?

Being able to express yourself properly in a relationship and receiving a similar response from your partner is a beautiful way to make sure your relationship lasts a lifetime. 

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3. A Charitable Heart

This goes without saying.

A partner who is not kind to you is not a partner you want to spend forever with.

Be with a giver, someone who considers how his or her actions will affect you, someone who is gentle and kind to you.

4. Introspection/Self Awareness

Your ability to sit with yourself and understand your role in the problem and how you can be a better partner to your lover is a criterion for a lasting relationship that can’t be overemphasized.

You and your partner should cultivate this skill individually.

So when you come back to each other after an argument, your desires are only growth and peace toward one another.

Things Your Relationship Need More Than Love

5. Integrity

A partner without integrity is not a partner at all.

You want someone who stands by what they say, their values, and what they promise.

Honesty is very valuable for any relationship.

There is no way to go around integrity in a relationship, just no way.

It is a necessity.

6. Empathy

Empathy is the aptitude to understand and share the emotions of another.

Understanding is the wheel that will drive your relationship when life happens to you or your lover.

We don’t plan to lose people to death or to have our loved ones fall sick, but sometimes in life, these things happen. 

You and your spouse should be capable of helping each other out of these situations by showing emotional, cognitive, and compassionate support for one another.

Empathy is the glue that will hold you and your lover together on those sad days.

7. Trust

If you can’t trust him or her, why are you with them?

Save yourself the stress of going through their phones, hacking into their phones, or paying private investigators to watch their every move and leave them alone.

Go find someone you can trust and give yourself peace.

Saying but “I love him or her” is not enough to ruin your peace of mind.

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8. Respect

Respect Is one of those tangible but valuable standards that a man or woman who loves themselves should never trade away for a relationship of any kind.

If you are in a relationship and it is obvious that your partner is rude to you, yet you stay because you love them, you are teaching your children, his or her family members, and friends to be rude to you as well.

You are telling them that you are worth nothing.

Therefore, they can disrespect you all they want.

A man or a woman is only as respected by friends, and family members as his or her partner respect him or her.

Remember that.

10 Things Your Relationship Need More Than Love

9. Individuality

Being in love is beautiful, but if you both lose who you were before you met, sooner-very-soon, you will no longer be together.

It is our individuality that attracts us to other people.

Seeing the beauty in another human being that’s not us, is the reason we want them.

If we lose that, how do we stay attracted to one another forever?

So it is always best to retain who you are no matter how many years you have spent with each other.

10. Sexual Compatibility.

If you are not sexually compatible, we at Mayorboss.com don’t understand what you are doing with each other.

Thinking you can go forever without ever feeling sexually satisfied may make sense to you in the first year of being together, and after that, you will be like, “oh my God, what have I agreed to?”.

Don’t push your desires aside because of love, and it won’t work out very well for you and your lover, so talk to your partner, explore different sexual options together or go your separate ways, so nobody gets hurt.

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Things Your Relationship Need More Than Love