40 Things to Be Grateful For in 2022

Things to Be Grateful For in 2022

Honestly, there are so many things to be grateful for in 2022.

If you look around, you are bound to find something that you can be thankful for.

Think about it this way:

Every day, you have the chance to be grateful for something.

No matter what your situation is, you have the power to be thankful.

Can I as you a question?

When was the last time that you were grateful?

If it has been a while, I encourage you to start.

It may seem like nothing at all, but there is more than meets the eye.

The truth is that gratitude is one of the most powerful emotions you can experience.

When you are grateful, it changes your entire outlook on life.

In fact, according to studies, practicing gratitude for only 5 minutes per day can make you 25% happier.

So, what are you waiting for?

Do you want to be happier in 2022?

Start being grateful for the little things in life, and watch how your outlook changes.

The question is, what will you be grateful for in 2022?

In this article, I will share 40 important things that you can be grateful for in 2022.

I hope that this inspires you to take a closer look at your life and find new things to be grateful for.

Let’s dive in

40 Things to Be Grateful For in 2022

1. Your health

No matter your health situation, you should be grateful for it.

If you are in good health, be thankful for it.

And if you aren’t, be thankful that there is hope for improvement.

Be thankful that your body can heal itself and fight off sicknesses like the common cold or flu.

It may seem small to some people but think about this one thing:

Your health is the most important thing in your life.

Without good health, you won’t be able to do anything or go anywhere.

The truth is that there are people who can’t get out of bed because they have a cold and others who work from their hospital beds due to cancer treatment.

So, if you have good health, be grateful for it.

And if not, know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and never give up hope!

2. Having clean water to drink

Can I be totally honest with you?

In many parts of the world, people do not have access to clean water.

Be grateful that you can turn on the tap and get clean water whenever you want.

This is something that we often take for granted.

It sounds small, but it can literally save lives.

Without clean water, people are more susceptible to illness and diseases that could end their life early.

So be thankful for your access to clean drinking water!

3. Your family and friends

You’ve heard the advice a million times:

The people who matter most to you are the ones who will stick around.

Be grateful for your family and friends because they are the ones who have been there for you during good times and bad.

They are the ones who know you best and love you unconditionally.

Family and friends can be a source of comfort and support in difficult times.

Most importantly:

Be thankful for your parents, even if they drive you crazy sometimes.

They have done so much for you and deserve to be appreciated.

Your parents may not be perfect, but that doesn’t mean that you love them any less.

So, be thankful for your parents and all of the other people in your life who have been there for you when you needed them.

It’s time to show them how much you appreciate them!

4. A roof over your head

It is a blessing to have a roof over your head in this day and age.

Be thankful for the home where you live, whether it is big or small.

It may not be perfect, but at least you have a place to call home.

Many people in the world do not have this luxury.

They are homeless or living in dangerous conditions.

So, be grateful for your home and all of the happiness that it brings to you.

5. The food on your table

Food is a basic necessity, and yet there are many people in the world who do not have enough to eat.

Be grateful for the food that you have, whether it is a lot or a little.

Think about all of the people who are starving in the world and be thankful that you are not one of them.

You may not have the fanciest food, but it’s enough to keep you alive and healthy.

6. The clothes that you have

Have you ever stopped to think about how many different pieces of clothing you have in your wardrobe?

Probably not, but it’s a lot!

Be grateful for the clothes that you have, even if they’re not brand new.

They may not be fashionable or trendy, but they are enough to keep you warm and protected.

7. Your children

Children are a blessing, and they bring so much happiness into our lives.

Be thankful for the children that you have, even if they drive you crazy sometimes.

It’s true that they can be a handful, but having them around is worth it.

They are the future of this world and deserve to be loved unconditionally!

8. Mistakes that helped you grow

Everyone makes mistakes, and that’s okay!

In fact, sometimes, our mistakes can help us grow as people.

Be grateful for the mistakes that you have made in the past because they have helped you learn and become a better person.

Without them, you would not be where you are today.

9. A hot cup of tea or coffee

A hot cup of tea or coffee in the morning is a great way to start your day.

Be thankful for this simple pleasure and how it gets you ready for another day.

Imagine what it would be like if you didn’t have access to tea or coffee?

You would be grumpy and tired all day long!

So, be grateful for your hot cup of tea or coffee in the morning.

It really does make a difference.

10. Your energy level

Be grateful for your high energy level because it allows you to do all the things that you love.

Without it, you would be tired and exhausted all the time.

The older I get, the more I appreciate how important it is to have a lot of energy.

It makes life so much easier and allows you to do more things in one day.

11. Your laughter

Some people take their laughter for granted, but it’s so important.

Laughter is the best medicine!

It can brighten up your day and make you feel happy.

Be grateful for your ability to laugh, even when things are tough.

It’s a great stress reliever and can help you get through the day.

12. Your bed

Your bed is a place where you can relax and rest after a long day.

Be thankful for your bed, even if it’s not the most comfortable one out there.

It’s a place where you can sleep and recharge your batteries.

Without it, you would be exhausted all the time!

13. The ability to read and write

One thing that sets humans apart from other animals is our ability to read and write.

Be grateful for this skill, even if you don’t use it daily.

It’s an amazing tool that allows us to learn about the world and communicate with other people living far away.

14. Having money to survive

Having money is important for many different reasons.

Be grateful that you have the ability to make enough money to take care of yourself and your loved ones.

It may not be easy, but it’s nice being able to pay all of your bills without any trouble.

15. The ability to see and hear the world around you

Be thankful for your sense of sight and hearing because they allow you to experience life in all its glory!

When we lose one of these senses, it’s difficult to live a normal life.

However, we take them for granted most of the time and don’t even think about how amazing they are!

16. Your freedoms and rights

Honestly, be grateful for your freedoms and rights.

They are something that many people in this world take for granted.

However, they are very important and should never be taken for granted.

Be thankful for the freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and the right to vote.

17. Your immune system

Be grateful for your immune system and how it helps you stay healthy all year round.

Without it, you would be susceptible to all sorts of illnesses!

18. The ability to love and be loved

Love is one of the most powerful feelings in the world, and it doesn’t matter if you have a significant other or not.

Be grateful for the ability to love someone unconditionally because this is an amazing feeling that everyone deserves!

19. The people who inspire you to do your best

Be thankful for those people who inspire you every day to do your best.

These are the people who make you want to be a better person and reach for the stars.

Without them, you would probably just stay in your comfort zone forever.

So, be grateful for those people in your life who inspire you to do your best!

20. The ability to walk and move around freely

Be grateful that you have the ability to walk and move around freely because not everyone is able to do this.

It’s one of the simplest things that we take for granted every day, but imagine if you couldn’t get up and walk around?

21. Your smile

Trust me.

It’s one of the most beautiful things about you.

When you smile, it instantly makes everyone around you feel happier.

So, be thankful for your amazing smile and how it spreads happiness to everyone who sees it!

22. The fact that you are alive

Be very grateful for the fact that you are alive and God has given you another day to live.

This is a very special gift, and it should never be taken for granted.

Take some time out every day to reflect on how lucky you are to be alive!

There are many people who don’t get the opportunity to live a full life, so be thankful for each and every day that you are given!

23. The ability to breathe fresh air into your lungs

When you think about all of the people out there who are unable to breathe fresh air into their lungs, it makes you appreciate it more.

Be grateful for the ability to breathe fresh air into your lungs because not everyone is able to do that.

24. Having a supportive partner

Let’s be honest.

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a supportive partner in life.

Be grateful that you do because they are one of the most important people in your life!

Their support means everything to you, and you would be lost without them.

25. Your phone and laptop

Are you reading this on your phone or laptop?

Be grateful that you have these devices because they allow you to stay connected with the world.

Without them, you would be lost!

26. You earn money doing something you love

Not everyone is as blessed as you are, and they have to do something they don’t love in order to make money.

Be grateful that you earn money doing something you love because it makes life a lot more enjoyable!

27. The ability to travel

Traveling is one of the best things in the world, and be grateful for the ability to travel.

Not everyone is able to do this, so go out there and explore the world!

28. Your job or career path

Let’s face it: we all have bills to pay, and we need to work in order to make money.

Be grateful for your job or career path because it allows you to do just that.

Without it, you would be struggling financially!

29. The rain

Without the rain, we wouldn’t have flowers or plants.

Be thankful for the rain because it helps the earth to grow and prosper.

30. The sun

On the other hand, be grateful for the sun because it provides us with warmth and light.

The sun is essential for life on Earth, so be thankful for it!

31. Farmers

Be thankful for the farmers who work hard to provide us with food.

They are the unsung heroes of our society.

Without farmers, you wouldn’t be able to survive!

32. Doctors

Be thankful for the doctors who work hard to save lives.

When you or your family members are sick, you rely on them to help you get better.

Doctors are some of the most important people in our society, so be grateful for them!

33. Teachers

Be grateful for the teachers who work hard to educate our children.

They are shaping the future generation, and they deserve our appreciation.

34. The military

Be grateful for the military who risk their lives to protect our country.

They are some of the bravest people in the world, and they deserve our admiration.

Thank you, military, for everything that you do!

35. Police officers

Let’s not forget about the police officers who protect us from criminals and help maintain law and order in our society.

We might not always agree with what they do, but we have to admit that without them, our society would be much worse off!

36. Nurses

Be thankful for the nurses who work long hours to take care of patients.

They are the backbone of the medical profession.

Without nurses, hospitals would be in chaos!

37. A stable government

We take our government for granted, but be grateful that we have a stable one.

Without it, you would lose all of your rights and freedoms!

38. Electricity

Be thankful for electricity because it powers our society.

If there was no power, life would be much harder!

39. The internet

The internet has revolutionized the way we live our lives, and be grateful for it.

Without it, you would not be able to read this right now or work from home.

If you are looking for a new job, the internet can help with that too!

40. God

Be very grateful for God because he has blessed you with all of these things.

He is the one who provides for you and guides you on your path in life.

Thank you, God, for everything!

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