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11 Things To Do If You’re Feeling Lonely

Things You Can Do Alone When You Feel Lonely

Loneliness is the state of being alone and feeling sad about it, so here are 11 things you can do alone and feel happy instead:

1. Draw Something.

Pick up some art supplies and learn how to draw birds or flowers or pots, whatever you like. There are so many 5 minutes of tutorials on Pinterest and YouTube that show you how to draw anything with easy, simple steps.

Focusing on something creative will warm your heart and take away the sadness you feel.

2. Adopt A Pet.

If you are a cat person, adopt a fluffy kitten. If you are a dog lover, there is a pup out there who is waiting for a pet mama or papa like you, so go get one.

3. Organize Your Closets.

You know all those clothes you plan to wear one day but never wore? Yeah, those. Sort through them. Donate some and get rid of the clothes that are not donate-able. Don’t keep any just incase clothing items because if you were truly going to wear them, you would be wearing them already.

11 Things To Do If You're Feeling Lonely

4. Go On Solo Dates.

Date yourself. Figure out what foods you like. What kinds of restaurants you prefer. How do you like your wine when you are out alone without the input of others? What kind of dates do you prefer? Outdoors or indoors? A sit-down date or a hiking kind of date? Take yourself out so you can learn what you want. Spend time with yourself because you will always be with you at the end of the day, so you might as well get to know yourself.

5. Learn To Perfect Something You Love.

Perfect your makeup skills. Perfect your website design skills or perfect your style. Whatever you need to perfect, use your time alone to work on them, and you will gain a new sense of accomplishment and wholeness.

11 Things You Can Do Alone When You Feel Lonely

6. Go For A Walk.

Don’t underestimate the power of a good walk. Not only will you be staying active when you take a walk, but your mind will also feel lighter and clearer.

7. Start A New Book.

Read something that is not on your preferred genre of books. You will learn something new and learn a little about a world that you never knew existed or scared of entering.

8. Listen To Your Favorite Songs And Sing-Along.

Sing, sing some more, and sing away your sadness because you can. You may feel like you have a terrible voice, but who cares. Be happy.

9. Take Dance Lessons.

Go to the nearest dance studio and take a couple of lessons. Who knows, you may improve your dancing skills to a somewhat professional level. Make sure you have a good time while dancing.

11 Things To Do If You're Feeling Lonely

10. Watch YouTube Dramas.

Yes, drama in real life is not a healthy venture to get involved in, but we are all fascinated by other people’s drama. It’s just how we are as humans, so watch some drama channels and laugh. Life is not that serious some times. Of course, this goes without saying, “if the drama channels make you feel bad about yourself, click off YouTube.” Don’t voluntarily watch anything that messes with your mental health.

11. Spend Some Time On Reddit.

Memes, weird, funny things, and relatable experiences are some of the things Reddit offers, so look up things that will bring a smile to your face and forget about how lonely you feel.