5 Tips and tricks to remove ink stains from clothes

5 Tips and tricks to remove ink stains from clothes

Are you looking for how to remove ink stains from clothes?

Probably the toughest task you have to do at the weekend is to wash the clothes. It’s just a very frustrating and energy-consuming process. 

However, all the mess becomes even more strenuous when you have to deal with stains on clothes that are almost impossible to remove, such as ink stains. 

Whether you are a school, college, university student, or a normal office-going guy, you have to deal with pens and ink every day. 

It’s just a matter of time when the ink drops squirting from the pen fell on your clothes, or sometimes the entire inkpot falls on your cloth. 

Sometimes, the ink even falls on the cloth of your sofa or bed sheet.

Now, the real nightmare starts for you when you try every possible method to remove the ink stains, but nothing worked. From using a detergent to rubbing the clothes roughly, all went in vain.

So how do you remove ink stains from clothes? Follow these simple and easy tricks:

Remove ink stain trick #1: Use nail polish remover

The nail polish remover you use to clean your nail from the nail polish can be used for removing the ink stains. 

Sounds surprising to you, right? Well, it is proven, and it works when it comes to removing the ink stains from the cloth.

Take 2 teaspoons of water, 1 teaspoon of nail polish remover, and mix them to form a solution. Once the solution is ready, take a piece of cotton or cloth and dip it into the solution. Then rub that soaked cloth over the ink stain, and it will remove the stain in no time. 

The power of nail polish remover is enough for pulling off the ink from the fabric of the cloth and makes it easier to clean.

Remove ink stain trick #2: Try body spray

If you have ever read the details written on a body spray bottle, you will find a warning telling you that it’s inflammable. 

The reason behind that is body spray contains alcohol, and you can utilize it to remove ink stains from cloth. 

Throw some spray on the stained region of the cloth until it gets soaked from the body spray and wait for a while. 

The body spray will soften up the ink stain, and then you can just go ahead, simply wash it, and the stain will be removed easily. It is also another very effective trick for removing fresh ink stain that has been used by a lot of people.

Remove ink stain trick #3: Use milk

Here you might be surprised to see milk in the list that milk is mostly used for nutritional purposes due to the health benefits it possesses, and it is rarely used by someone for removing ink stains.

However, milk has actually been proven to be effective against removing milk stains. 

What you have to do is to take a bowl full of milk and soak the area of the cloth affected by the ink stain into the milk. Leave it like that for at least one whole night, and then wake up in the morning to see some magic. The ink stain would have gone and faded away into the milk. 

Just give it a try, and you will never be left disappointed.

Remove ink stain trick #4: Use your toothpaste

Can you answer a simple question? 

What is the use of toothpaste? Your answer would be that, “Obviously! It’s used for cleaning the stains on your teeth.

So why not try using it for removing ink stains as well? Well, the fact is that your toothpaste can prove way more effective than you can imagine when it comes to removing ink stains.

Spot the ink-stained portion of the cloth and then place a thick layer of toothpaste over it and leave it intact for at least 30 minutes. Once the 30 minutes are gone, just take the cloth and wash it up with clean water & soap. 

You will be surprised and glad to see that all the ink stains would be gone.

Remove ink stain trick #5: Use hand sanitizer

A hand sanitizer is something present in the homes of all of us at the moment due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. 

You will be happy to know that you can use your hand sanitizer to get rid of ink stains as well.

Just put enough amount of hand sanitizer on the ink-stained part of the cloth and leave it for a while. The germ-killing power of hand sanitizer is so strong that it will dissolve the ink stain in no time and make your cloth look clean and fresh again. 

We hoped this article helped you remove ink stains from clothes. You may also want to see 7 Baking soda hacks, and 4 tricks to remove coffee stains from clothes.