Harvard Psychologists 6 Tips on What It Takes to Raise Good Kids

Harvard Psychologists 6 Tips on What It Takes to Raise "Good" Kids

Are you raising nice kids? Psychologists at Harvard University share some studies of information on ways you can raise your children to more caring, respectful, kind, and responsible.

1. Tell Him Or Her What They Mean To You/How Much They Mean To You. 

It may be evident to you and your circle that your kids mean a lot to you, but unless you tell your kids, they won’t know. Buying them material goods may be fun for them for a little while, but hearing how important they mean to you and how much their presence in your life makes you feel, will stick with them forever. Knowing they matter to you is one of the best confident boosters you can give them as gifts before they go into the big full world. 

2. Spend Time With Your Kids. 

This cannot be overemphasized. Your kids need your time. They want to know you are interested in them as individuals, and you don’t see them as extensions of yourself. Take the time to take an interest in their hobbies, their problems, their friendship groups e.t.c. Listen to what they have to say. Don’t just give them rules without asking about their opinions. Hear them out and explain to them while specific standards are necessary. 

3. Show Them How To Resolve Problems Instead Of Running Away From Them. 

Kids do what they see you do, not what you tell them, so show them solving a problem at work is better than quitting. When they choose to quit a sport they used to love or a hobby they once used to be happy to engage in, ask them why? Teach them that quitting is not always the best move. 

4. Train Your Child How To Cope With Their Negative Emotions. 

Feeling bad, angry, envious, or sad is a normal emotional response we all have, but how we express them is important. Teach them healthy ways to communicate and managed their negative emotions so they can handle their internal conflicts healthily.

5. Teach Your Child That The World Is Bigger Than What They See. 

This will open their minds to the possibility of the big, complex, interesting world out there that they will eventually come in contact with after they leave home.

6. Give Them A Chore Daily And Express Your Gratitude For Their Help. 

Studies show that people who are used to expressing their gratitude are more inclined to feel compassion for others, are more generous, love to help, are more forgiving, and are more likely to be happy and healthy. This will also teach them diligence and work etiquette.


Raising kids to be reasonable, compassionate members of society is a difficult task. With clear intentions and applying healthy techniques and tips, you will be able to help your children grow up to be amazing adults.

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