9 Ways to Train Your Brain to Stay Positive

9 Ways to Train Your Brain to Stay Positive

The world is as kind to us as we choose to see it. Every negative experience can be seen in a positive light if we train our minds to always see the good in everything we encounter as we go through life, so here are nine ways to train your mind to be more positive:

1. Smile And Smile More Often

Whenever you encounter a heated situation that is about to make you upset, just smile. Practice smiling to yourself from time to time. As you go about your day, just smile. 

Smile at those you see on your way to work or back from work. Smile when you think of how blessed you are to be on this earth in this very moment—smiling trick your mind to focus on the good in any situation you find yourself. The bonus benefit to smiling more is becoming more confident. 

Smile is a confident booster. It makes you feel and emerge more confident. So if you lack confidence, smile more.

How to Train Your Brain to Be More Positive

2. Start A Gratitude Journal

Being thankful opens your world to endless possibilities. Knowing that you have been given a life that most people will be content with is a privilege that you have to be more grateful for. The more thankful you become, the more positive things you see in the world around you to be grateful for. 

3. Meditation 

Always observe your thought patterns. Sit in silence for a couple of minutes daily and recognize the thoughts that flow through your mind, without engaging with them. Let them flow out the same way it came. Don’t personalize a thought. Don’t react to it; just let it flow.

4. Question Your Thought And Start Your Healing Process

After you have observed your thoughts for a while and you have come to a point where you don’t identify with them anymore, pick the ones that stuck out to you and analyzed them. 

Why do you think that way? Is the thought, even yours? Whose voice does it sound like? Who said those awful things to you to make you believe them? Were they talking from their weaknesses? Why was it targeted at you? Question the thoughts that stuck out to you. 

The majority of the time, we carry limiting beliefs about money, career, relationships, and life in general that has nothing to do with us—limiting beliefs that were never ours to take, to begin with. Understand why you think the way you do and start filling your mind with principles that align with who you want to be, not who you thought you should be.

5. Call Your Positive Friends More Often

You are the average of the five people you hang around with, so if you desire to be more positive, spend time with those who are more positive in your life. Those who make you feel like you can do anything you set your mind to and handle anything the universe throws at you. 

6. Lend A Helping Hand

Giving cheerfully is one of the most positive things you can do in the world. Lend a hand often. Feed the homeless. 

Take care of the elderly. Always be in a position to help out those in need.

7. Take Care Of Your Body

Nourish your body with the healthiest foods you can afford. Find a physical activity you enjoy and keep yourself busy with that. Do hot yoga, stretch, and drink water. Glow from the inside out. Your body is the only vehicle you have in this world, so make sure your vehicle works well. If not, you will be cranky and won’t be able to get to your destination.

8. Daily Positive Affirmations

“Your tongue is a small member but can boast great things. That same tongue is a fire that can destroy many things” ––The Bible

Your tongue can harm people and yourself, but it can also bring peace to others and yourself. The choice is yours.

9. Do More Things You Love 

If you love to crochet, then do that. If you like to sew, do that. Rock climbing? Yes, please, do that. Do more things that raise your vibration. The more things you do that you love, the happier you become.

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