10 Traits of a High Quality Woman

10 Traits of a High Quality Woman

There are quality, good women in the world, but sometimes after dating for a while, it is easy to say “all women are bad,” which is not true. Just as there are bad men and good men, so are there bad women and good women. Here are ten traits of a good quality woman to look out for:

10 Traits of a High Quality Woman

1. She Is Smart.

A smart woman makes your life a whole lot better. An intelligent partner will continually challenge you intellectually, which helps you keep your mental faculties sharp. According to Lawrence Whalley, professor emeritus of the University of Aberdeen, who has been researching dementia for years, found that a smart woman can protect you from dementia later in life.

A smart woman will stimulate your brain with new ideas that are very helpful for neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to adapt and change, which researchers discover may help prevent dementia or help treat dementia.

2. She Takes Responsibility For Her Actions.

We all make mistakes, and being able to acknowledge where we screwed up is the first step to correcting an error and making better choices.

3. She Is Kind.

One of the most attractive traits of a high quality woman is kindness. How kind she is to you, to others and herself. She can show compassion to others even when she is having a bad day. She believes a little kindness goes a long way, irrespective of her present struggles.

4. She Takes Care Of Herself.

You can’t give what you don’t have. If she can’t take care of herself, how can she take care of anyone else? And if she is taking care of others without taking care of herself, why is that? And how does she fill up her emotional and mental stores after giving to others? A good healthy woman knows how to balance taking care of her needs and others. She is reliable, confident, and hard-working. She understands her needs are vital as anyone else’s, and if she doesn’t take care of her mental health, she will break down.

5. She Is Honest.

Honesty is key to a more peaceful life. A woman who sincerely tells you the truth without keeping secrets is one you should stay close to.

6. She Is Comfortable With Herself.

She is comfortable in her skin and the things she likes to spend her time in. She knows her self worth and loves herself. Her opinion of her body is the only one that counts, so whenever she feels a bit insecure, she knows how to reassures herself that she is okay. She knows that if God wanted her to live in someone else’s body, God would have given her that person’s body. She appreciates her unique-ness

7. She Is Independent.

She doesn’t need you to live. She only wants you to enjoy life with. 

An independent woman has her life together and is continually working on herself. She has a sense of independence about herself, and she only requires your support, love, attention, honesty, trustworthiness, and peace of mind.

8. She Loves Herself, But She Is Not Self Centered.

She doesn’t feel the need to be the center of attention. She always allows everyone to express themselves and celebrate their successes.

9. She Is Not Combative.

She is logical and poised about every situation and tries to solve any problem with a friendly approach. She knows conflicts are inevitable in relationships, so she spends time discussing how to fix the issues than continually argue about them.

10. She Hates Drama.

If there is the drama surrounding your life, she is out the door. She prefers a peaceful and understanding relationship.