Easy tricks to stop going to the toilet at night

How to stop going to the toilet at night

How do I stop going to the toilet at night? So you came back from work tired and frustrated; now you go to bed to take good sleep and refresh yourself.

But your full urinary bladder forces you to wake up and go to the toilet. 

Your sweet sleep is disturbed and shattered. What makes it even worse is that it doesn’t stop at once.

Your body keeps waking you up at night to go to the toilet and makes your sleep miserable.

This has a very serious and dangerous impact on your life & health. The lack of sleep not only leads to insomnia and other medical conditions.

But it also makes you feel lazy, unconfident and restricts you from performing to the best of your abilities. 

If you are also suffering from this problem, then you are at the right place because we at Mayor Boss will share some super effective and easy tricks that will stop you from going to the toilet at night.

So let’s take a deeper dive into it.

Reasons why you go to the toilet at night

There are a couple of factors that force you to go to the toilet and pee at night. They are given below:

  • A decrease in the fluid retaining ability of your body due to weakness and age.
  • Something’s wrong with your daily lifestyle and habits. 
  •  There is an underlying medical problem like Nocturia.

Easy Tricks to Stop Going to the Toilet at Night

How to Stop Going to Toilet at Night #1: Limit Your Fluid Intake before Going to Bed

There is no rocket science behind understanding that if you consume a lot of fluids before going to bed, then your body will eventually release them while you are sleeping.

Therefore, try to reduce your fluid intake 4-6 hours before going to bed.

Avoid alcohol and caffeine intake because both of them stimulate your bladder to release the urine at night. 

How to Stop Going to Toilet at Night #2: Limit Eating Salty & Spicy Foods

Studies have shown that eating salty and spicy foods make you thirsty.

If you eat salty popcorns or french fries before going to bed, then the chances are that you will end up consuming a lot of water to relieve that burning effect caused by eating salty and spicy food.

And when you drink water before going to bed, you will eventually wake up multiple times at night and rush to the toilet.

So that’s why we recommend you limit your consumption of salty foods before going to bed.

How to Stop Going to Toilet at Night #3: Reduce the Sensitivity of Your Bladder

The reason you find yourself waking up at 2 am and rushing to the toilet is that your bladder has become too much sensitive, and its fluid retaining ability has declined due to the weakness of pelvic muscles.

There are a couple of factors that contribute to a sensitive bladder, and you can reduce its sensitivity by controlling these factors:

Stress, Depression, and Hypertension

If you are going through stress and depression, then that could be the major reason why you often go to the toilet at night.

Excessive stress increases your blood pressure, and your kidneys start making excess urine to decrease the levels of body fluid and bring the blood pressure back to normal.

So there’s an increased production of urine that eventually forces you to go to the toilet at night.

Moreover, stress also weakens the pelvic muscles of your bladder, due to which it cannot retain the fluid for much longer and stimulates your body to release it at night.

Alcohol & Caffeine Consumption

If you are consuming too much alcohol or caffeine every day, then that could be another major reason behind Nocturia (a term used for frequently peeing at night).

Alcohol and caffeine are bladder stimulants, and they stimulate your body to release urine at night.

So you are advised to reduce your caffeine and alcohol intake, and you will see a significant improvement. 

How to Stop Going to Toilet at Night #4: Visit your Doctor

Your lifestyle and daily habits might not be the only reason behind Nocturia (frequent peeing at night).

There could be a serious underlying medical problem as well that could be contributing to this. 

Usually, the reason why you pee more at night is that your kidneys are producing more than the normal amount of urine, which is a medical problem.

That’s why we recommend going to the doctor as they will examine your condition in detail and give you appropriate treatment after the diagnosis of the problem. 


You can follow the simple and easy tricks we have mentioned to stop going to the toilet at night. 

  • Do not consume excess fluids before going to bed. 
  • Avoid too much stress and anxiety.
  • Reduce alcohol, caffeine, and diuretic intake. 
  • Visit your doctor to diagnose any underlying medical problem.