How to Turn Your Bad Day Into a Good Day

How to Turn Your Bad Day Into a Good Day

How do you make a bad day into a good day?

We all have bad days, but it is not an excuse to let a bad day become a bad week, a bad month or a bad year. Sometimes, a little change in our thoughts and actions can turn a completely terrible day into a good one. 

Here are ten ways to turn your bad day into a good one:

1. Acknowledge the bad day. 

Self-acceptance is the solution to happiness. Ignoring the obvious will not make it better. Accept the fact that something has happened to make your day gloomy. 

2. Identify the triggers of your bad day. 

Think about your day, what caused it to be this bad? Who or what contributed to it?  

3. Distant yourself from the triggers. 

After identifying the possible triggers, distance yourself from the source of your pain. If it is a person, stay away from him/her. If it is caused by watching the news, stop watching the news for now. If it is caused by family drama, take a step away from the toxicity for a little while so you can breathe freely.

4. Do something productive. 

Take advantage of your bad day by exercising. Do something positive, for example: Clean your house, cook yourself a meal, do some laundry, or declutter your wardrobe. Before you know it, you will start feeling better and your day will become brighter.

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5. Hang out with your happy friends. 

They say, “Misery loves company,” so don’t hang out with your pity-party friends, instead go and hang out with those friends that will make you want to dance. Your friends that will drag you out of your bad mood and not into it

6. Watch funny videos on YouTube. 

A little bit of laughter in your day keeps the sadness away. Watching a few funny contents on the internet for about 15 or more minutes a day goes a long way.

7. Keep a gratitude journal. 

Saying “thank you” for things that are working in your life will make your difficult day feel less stressful. Gratitude is an attitude for a joyful life.

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8. Listen to your favorite song. 

Listen to the song that makes you feel good and shake your body to the tune as you listen.

9. Spend time with your pets. 

If you don’t have a pup or cat of your own, go to a shelter and adopt one or go to a dog park and spend some time with a couple of cute puppies, then go home or spend some time with your best friend’s pup or cat and you will feel better.

10. A little Self-care goes a long way. 

Take care of yourself. Order some pizza or your favorite food, have a glass of wine, watch Netflix, do your hair, go for a mani-pedi, and relax.

11. Talk to your mom or dad

If you and your parents are on good terms, then call them and talk to them. Talking to someone who loves you genuinely is enough to turn a bad day into a good one.