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Reasons you should use a toner daily

Why you should use toner daily

Using a toner is beneficial to the skin, especially when used daily. Toners are something great that you can add to your daily skincare routine.

Skincare is something everyone stresses about all the time. But it’s only a matter of time when you realize that taking care of your skin is not a cakewalk. You will need a lot of effort to get that glowing & fresh skin in the end.

Now, if you are wondering why you should daily tone your skin? Well, don’t fret! We have explained it all in this article for you. So why are you waiting? Let’s dive into it!

Reasons to Use a toner daily

Use a toner daily have the following benefits for your skin.

1. Toners prevent acne

Do you hate acne? If yes, you need to know that acne develops due to the extra oils present in your skin, and toners are the best way to remove excess oils from your skin. Try using toners enriched with salicylic and glycolic acids. It will smoothly remove the excess oils from your skin and also prevent the acne from coming back.

2. Toners maintain the pH of your skin

The optimal pH level of your skin is 5.5, and any fluctuation in this optimal level will affect your skin the same way. Your skin either becomes too dry or too oily when its pH level fluctuates. Therefore, daily use of toners tend to restore the pH of your skin to normal and restore its natural shine and glow.

3. Toners keep your skin hydrated

Another way to keep your skin fresh and healthy is to keep it moisturized and hydrated. Toners are good at enriching your skin with moisture and hydrating nutrients, so it glows all the time. You can keep toner in your handbag and apply it over your skin whenever you feel it is dry.

4. Toners keep your skin smooth & clear

Your skin often becomes dull when the pollutants and other dust particles present in the surrounding environment penetrate the loosened pores of your skin. But not anymore! Using toners daily helps clean and tighten the pores present on your skin. It not only enhances the clarity of your skin but also prevents the debris from penetrating it again.

5. Toners keep your skin clean

Summer means a lot of fun and adventure. But along with that comes the frustration caused by the constant sweating. The combo of sweat and debris ruins the glow of your skin. in that case, toners help you clean your skin, moisturize it, and restore its natural beauty.

6. Toners can be customized according to your skin

You don’t always have to use a single toner all the time. Instead, you can use different toners available in the market as per the needs of your skin. For example, if you want to improve circulation, Rose might be a perfect choice. To get rid of oily and dry skin, Lime is the best choice for you. 

7. Toners prevent ingrown hair

Sometimes, hair fails to grow out of the skin for some reason. It pops up as an ingrown hair on your skin. In fact, the glycolic and alpha hydroxy acids present in the toners prevent ingrown hairs. 

8. Toners boost the efficiency of other skincare products

Toners not only got their benefits, but they also pave the way for smooth and efficient working of other skincare products. All the skincare products require smooth, neat, and cleanness to do their job. However, applying a toner will moisturize, hydrate, and clean your skin. Now, if you use any skincare product, it will work much more efficiently.

Which toner should I use?

There are several different types of toners present in the market. Now, if you are wondering which toner you should use, don’t worry, as we also got the guidelines for you:

1. Hydrating toners – for all skin types

If you are eyeing a general all-in-one tonner, then the hydrating tonners are the best choice for you. Keeping the skin hydrated and moisturized is the only way to keep it glowing. Therefore hydrating toners enriches your skin with moisture and gives it an elegant look. It is also quite useful if you have dry skin.

2. Brightening toners – for dull skin types

If you have dull skin and struggling to give it that elegant and glowing tone, brightening toners are perfect for you. Also, these toners contain skin brightening ingredients like vitamin C, papaya extract, and ginseng. These ingredients help remove the dark spots from your skin.

3. Anti-aging toners – or mature skin

Is your skin wrinkling with time? Do you want to keep your skin young? Anti Aging toners contain anti-oxidating ingredients like Vitamin C that slow down the aging of your skin and keep it fresh for a long time.