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5 Reasons vegetable oil is more dangerous than sugar

vegetable oil is more dangerous than sugar

Sugar is already notorious. You have probably heard from everywhere that sugar is bad for your health, and it can make you obese, cause diabetes and other health problems, etc. 

But you will be surprised to know that there is another thing that is even more harmful than sugar, and that is vegetable oil. It is also present in many food products. 

Studies have revealed that vegetable oil is far more dangerous than sugar, and it can cause multiple health problems. 

In this article, We at Mayor Boss explore all the side effects and problems caused by consuming vegetable oil and whether if you should continue consuming it or not. 

So let’s jump straight into the article because there’s a lot to learn for you today. 

1. Vegetable oil increases your weight

If you just check the food labels on different packaged foods, you will find one thing in common: all of them are enriched with soybean oil. 

For years, soybean oil was considered safer and better than butter. 

Recent research has shown that soybean oil is even more dangerous than sugar when it comes to increasing weight. 

In the research, a group of mice was given a diet rich in sugar, soybean oil, coconut oil, and these diets’ effects on those mice’s bodies were carefully observed. 

Researchers expected the group of mice eating a diet rich in sugar to gain more weight and develop diabetes and heart disease. 

But they were surprised to find that the group of mice that had eaten a diet rich in soybean oil had gained more weight. 

They had fatty livers and higher insulin resistance, which was an indicator that they’re on the verge of developing diabetes and serious heart disease. 

It was found that the mice eating soybean oil diet had gained 25% more weight than the mice eating fructose sugar diet and 15% more weight than the mice eating coconut oil. 

So the mice on the soybean oil diet were found more vulnerable to health problems than the mice on the sugar and coconut oil diet. 

The mice on soybean oil gained more weight because soybean oil contains omega-6 fatty acids. 

If you consume it in excess, it slower downs the body’s speed of burning fats, which eventually leads to weight gain. 

So the first health risk of consuming vegetable oil is that it increases your body weight and makes you more vulnerable to diabetes, obesity, and heart problems. 

2. Vegetable oil can damage the functionality of your brain

Vegetable oils are also harmful to your brain as they increase the risk of serious brain problems like dementia and Alzheimer’s. 

In another research, corn and sunflower oil were cooked over a high temperature; they released some harmful chemicals known as aldehydes at a 20 times faster rate than recommended by the world health organization (WHO). 

Aldehydes have been potential causing agents of heart disease, dementia, and cancer. 

While olive oil, coconut oil, goose fat, and butter produced fewer amount of aldehydes in the same experiment.

3. Vegetable oils lead to heart disease

Now, as it is obvious from research, vegetable oils increase the amount of fat in your body and make you obese. 

When you have more fat in the body, the chances are that this fat gradually accumulates in the blood arteries and eventually blocks them. 

These blockages make you vulnerable to heart attack, stroke, and other heart problems.

4. Vegetable oil contains carcinogens 

report published by European Food Safety Authority warned the people about the presence of a potentially carcinogenic contaminant present in palm oil. 

You’ll be surprised to know that palm oil is used to synthesize Nutella and Kit Kat Bars.

Therefore, you should stop consuming vegetable oil in excess as it contains potential carcinogenic elements that can cause cancer.

5. Vegetable oil leads to inflammation

A majority of the vegetable oils are enriched with high levels of inflammatory fat known as omega-6 and contain only a small amount of anti-inflammatory fat called omega-3. 

When you eat an excess of vegetable oils, the ratio and balance of inflammatory and anti-inflammatory fats will be disturbed.

You will have more inflammatory fats in the body than anti-inflammatory fats. On the other hand, Inflammation will lead to digestive and skin problems, etc. 

What should you eat?

It is evident from research that vegetable oil contains inflammatory fats that can make you obese, lead to diabetes and heart problems, etc. 

The next time you eat some processed or packaged food, please make sure that it is made up of healthy oils. 

We recommend you avoid eating an excess of food products made of palm, rice bran, soybean, and sunflower oil. Instead, go for healthier options like coconut, peanut, olive, and avocado oil. 

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