10 Ways to Get Over a Breakup and Glow Up

10 Ways to Get Over a Breakup and Glow Up

How to glow up after a breakup? In this post, we are ways to get over a breakup and glow up.

Let’s get started:

Breakups are hard. 

They are one of the emotional rollercoaster rides of relationships that must happen to every human being at least once in their lives. 

No one is exempted from heartbreak. 

Even those who find it hard to leave their dead-end relationships still end up feeling emotional pains that those who break up go through. 

The presence of an unemotional or selfish lover in your life will not make you feel whole. 

So, it is better to have no one than to have someone who makes you feel awful.

Depending on who broke up with whom, you may be feeling lost:  

For instance, if you are the one that broke up with your EX:

  • You may feel a bit down
  • Questioning if you made the right choice or not
  • Wondering if there was something about that relationship that could have been fixed.

Put it this way:

If your EX broke up with you, you are most likely going to be feeling a lot worse. 


As individuals, we like to be in control of our lives, and when someone breaks up with us:

  • We sense like we have no control over our lives. 
  • We question who we are. 
  • We wonder if something is wrong with us. 
  • Perhaps we are ugly because they cheated on us.
  • Why didn’t he or she try to work it out with us?
  • Why are they choosing their job or family’s opinion over us? 

This is the hard part of breakup:

Depending on the reason for the breakup, we go through several thought patterns and behaviors, such as:

  • Letting ourselves go
  • Eating unhealthy foods
  • Complaining to our friends and family over and over again, e.t.c.

But, don’t worry. There’s a solution.

Wallowing in your pain and eating a bunch of food is okay for three months. 

You are allowed to feel the pain for that time frame so that you can be rejuvenated to start your life again. 

After those three months, here are some ways and tips to get over the breakup and glow up to become the best version of yourself:

10 Ways to Get Over a Breakup and Glow Up

1. You should block your EX on all your social media platform


You don’t want to display yourself to him or her 24/7, and checking out if he or she posted about you or has a new partner is not healthy for you. 

Your goal is to move on and glow up without your EX in your space.

2. Don’t be a stalker

Let me say this straight: Don’t stalk his or her new partner. 

In fact, don’t waste your time like that. It’s not worth it.

3. You should listen to music 

Listen to your favorite music, and dance like no one is watching because no one is, and if someone is, who cares?

You feel great, and that’s a good thing.

4. Try to question your identity

When in love, we tend to forget who we are and become what our partners want. 

Breakup allows you to figure out who you are again. 

Ask yourself:

  • What do I like? 
  • What are my favorite foods?
  • Do I even like camping? Or I just went because my EX partner said so?
  • Are mine truly a homebody, or did I become a homebody because my EX thought that’s the only way to live a happy life? 
  • Do I even like all-black clothing? Or do I prefer a bit of color?

Whatever it may be, this is your chance to know yourself again. 

Ask yourself questions that make you understand yourself better. 

Bottom line: breakup is the universe’s way of reminding you how awesome you are without the influence of another human being.

5. Try new things

The following is an example of things you can do to get over a breakup:

  • Go out to that new bar your EX said you couldn’t go to with your friends.
  • Hang out with that fantastic friend of yours that your EX hates and told you not to hang out with.
  • Change up your wardrobe (wear a lot of colors if you only used to wear black and vice versa).
  • Cut your hair short, dye your hair, or grow a beard.
  • Try Van life for a month and travel around your city or out in your town; Living in a van (mobile homes) is the new future of housing.
  • Turn your hobby into a side hustle; Breakups set you free to explore the world on your terms, and exploring what your hobby can become is an excellent way to start. For example, If Making pieces of jewelry makes you happy, try selling them online. You may end up making some money while having fun.
  • Learn how to knit; Knit yourself a soft chunky sweater or a soft blanket. You deserve to have smooth, beautiful things in your life.

6. Read books that bring your comfort and joy

Now that you are no longer caring for another human being and their never-ending needs, you now have time to focus on things you love. 

For instance, reading a book on that business, you are interested in or that cookbook you never got around to.

7. Try out minimalism for three months

Minimalism is one the best way to get over a breakup. So here’s what you need to do:

  • Getting rid of things your ex gave you can help you get rid of some of the emotional pain you feel toward your situation.
  • Try out a capsule wardrobe with only your favorite clothing items.
  • Get rid of old pieces of furniture and old material items in your house that bring you no joy. You will end up with a cleaner, clearer space and a happier mind.
  • Declutter your other relationships (Minimize interaction with that family member that always puts you down, say less to that friend that gossips everyone to you. And minimize hanging out with that friend that prompts you to spend money you don’t have and cut out that friend that is extremely toxic and jealous of you). You don’t need negative energy around you.

8. Pay off your student loans

 You can make a plan to pay a little extra every month before you know it. You are debt-free.

9. Build a good support system

Now is the time to build a support system made up of positive family members and amazing friends. 

People you can genuinely count on. 

Anyone who makes you feel bad is not allowed into your support system.

10. Love yourself through it all

Know that you are not alone in this breakup process.

We all go through it, and what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.