11 Ways You Are Pushing Your Partner Away

11 Ways You Are Pushing Your Partner Away

Are you wondering why your partner is acting cold towards you? Does it look like your partner will be breaking up with you soon? Well, here are 11 things you are most likely doing to drive him or her away:

1. Selfishness. 

Always thinking about yourself and how your actions affect only you when you are in a relationship will cause you to lose your spouse. In love, you are supposed to give to your partner and care about their needs as well.

2. You are always putting him or her down. 

You can call it “saying how you feel,” but if your words hurt your partner every single time you open your mouth, you won’t have a partner for much longer.

3. Flirting. 

You can say flirting is not cheating all you want, but no man or woman wants their spouse staring at every beautiful/handsome, sexy looking person that is out there, let alone saying romantic things to them.

4. Disrespecting his or her family members. 

Your lover’s family members may not be friendly people, but it is not your place to say that out loud or to insult them to their faces or to say it in front of your lover. That will only push him or her away from you.

5. Always arguing with their friends. 

You will not get along with everybody in your lover’s friend group, that’s just life, but you don’t have to quarrel with them every time they come around.

6. Controlling your partner’s life. 

You and your lover are partners, not bosses and employees, so don’t try to control what they can do or not do. They are adults, and they have been surviving on their own two feet before they met you. Remember, you are not their boss or their parent. Your job as a partner is to love them as an equal, not someone whose life you have to fix.

7. Being money hungry. 

Financial stability is necessary for a relationship to work, but if all your focus alone is money and nothing else, you will lose your partner. A relationship is made up of a lot more than money, and it requires emotional support, honesty, patience, and kindness to each other.

8. Holding things in, then exploding over something little. 

In movies, when someone holds every issue that bothers them in, and they eventually explode over something so small, the other person tends to be calm and understanding. But in real life, exploding over a little incident doesn’t always end well because the person who may have wronged you no longer trusts you. It is believed that if you can keep things that really hurt you away from them for that long, then you can hold anything from them, including lies and secrets. It is better to share your concerns toward anything that makes you uncomfortable so you and your partner can work on fixing Them.

 9. Being consistently negative. 

Everybody has bad days, so it is okay to be sad once in a while, but that doesn’t mean you should consistently have a negative attitude. Nobody wants to be around those who are always negative. Remember, Positive mind. Positive vibes. Positive life.

10. Keeping scores. 

As long as you are in a relationship with another human being, there will be offenses. Keeping scores will not help your relationship thrive; it will only drive your partner away.

11. Finding it difficult to say, “I’m sorry.” 

Anyone who cannot apologize will be single for a very long time. We all make mistakes. Nobody is perfect, saying I’m sorry, proves that you love that you care enough about them. 

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