What Happens When You Stop Wearing Makeup

What Happens When You Stop Wearing Makeup

You may have worn make up your entire life and may not know what will happen. If you stop wearing it, here are ten things that happen when you take a break from makeup:

What Happens to You When You Stop Wearing Makeup

1. You Get Fewer Breakouts.

The more makeup you use, the more you clog your pores and trigger breakouts. Makeup is one of the culprits for acne and other skin problems for 30 percent of women. Breakouts are also triggered by germs transferred onto the face by makeup brushes.

2. You Recognize Your Natural Face.

Wearing makeup every day makes your natural face look different. For a brief period after taking your makeup off, you may not recognize who you are, but when you take days off from wearing makeup, you become more aware of your face, and you begin to accept your natural facial structures with love.

3. You Become More Confident.

Being able to step into the world with or without makeup is a confident booster. It helps you accept your self and be comfortable in your own skin.

4. You Get Less Sun Burn.

Some of the ingredients in makeup weaken your skin defenses and make it dry, but when you take time off makeup for a while, your skin becomes more resistant to sun damage, and a simple SPF-protection is all you need to keep your face free of sun damage.

5. Fewer Eye Irritations And Infections.

Mascara has some preservatives that can cause pink eyes (conjunctivitis) in some people. Some people are also allergic to certain eye makeup, such as eyeliners and mascaras. So if you notice you get a boil, redness, or itching around your eyes after using certain cosmetics, it’s time to put down the eye makeup and leave your eyes alone.

6. What Others Think Of You Doesn’t Matter Anymore.

Caring less about what others think about your face without makeup motivates you to care less about what people think about your life in general. It helps you stand in your own truth and become kinder to yourself.

7. You Look, Younger.

Some people who stopped wearing makeup after wearing makeup for the majority of their lives have stated that they look more youthful and less their age. According to a study done to analyze different age groups of women with or without makeup, they discover that makeup made middle-aged women look younger. Younger women look older.

8. No Makeup, Means Less Dry Skin.

The buildup of makeup over time interferes with the skin natural cell renewal process and leads to the accumulation of new skin cells on top of dead skin cells. Eventually, this leads to dry, flaky skin. If you don’t wear makeup, you won’t struggle with this, but if you wear makeup, washing your makeup off every day before bed is an excellent way to help your skin thrive and take control of the situation.

9. You Can Sleep An Extra 30 mins Or 1 hour In The Morning.

If you don’t have to beat your face to the gods, you get to spend that free up time in bed every morning.

1O. You Save Money.

Think about it, go through your account details, how much have you spent on makeup in the last one year, and what could you have done with that money if you had that cash in your account?.


Giving up makeup permanently is not visible for some people because makeup is not just a way to beautify the face. It is a form of art. The face is the canvas, the brushes are the paintbrushes, and the makeup itself is the paint. It is truly a beautiful expression of art that doesn’t need to be done daily. Try to take time off to allow your face to breathe for a couple of days. Let your face relax and heal itself.

What Happens to You When You Stop Wearing Makeup