Weight loss tips for lazy people

Weight loss tips

If you don’t have enough time or feeling lazy, then there are a few tips that you can include in your routine for weight loss. Many of us become lazy when it comes to maintaining a healthy body and staying fit. Still, you always feel to add fitness to your body by following a healthy diet, going to the gym, and doing some hard exercises. But we all end up scheduling it for later, so if you are a lazy person and looking for a way for weight loss, then here are the top 10 easy and simple tips.

Learn the weight loss tips for lazy people

Tip 1: Cut the sugar intake

Cutting sugary foods would be a challenging and difficult task to do. The problem with sugary foods is it will enable us to consume more carbohydrates than our body needs. The remaining carbohydrates can’t burn off, so it will get converted into fat. So, if you are looking for a way to weight loss, then slowly reduce the amount of sugar intake, and in a few days, you can able to see the results.

Tip 2: Eat on smaller plates

Eating on smaller plates is the best tip to lose weight for lazy people. The reason for eating on a small plate is your mind will get psychologically tricked that your plate is full of food when you feel hunger.

Also, you can avoid taking the food in a larger portion. Start with a smaller plate; when you have a plate full of food, you will feel like you have eaten a large portion of food. Smaller portions will lead to consuming fewer calories, which will lead to help in weight loss.

Tip 3: Clean your teeth

This tip is a little weird to follow, but it will help with weight loss. Once you have finished the meal, go and brush your teeth immediately. Even don’t wait for the dessert too, and the reason for brushing your teeth is because most people don’t like the smell of food after brushing the teeth.

Also, when you’re taking food without cleaning your teeth, you will feel more and more food, resulting in the consumption of larger calories. So, your stomach is pile up with a lot of food. If you are moving outside, then you can use good mouthwash to feel fresh.

Tip 4: Short routine work out

Since most lazy people don’t like to do effective exercises, especially an hour of exercise or heavy lifting in the gym, even workouts turn to be difficult. However, you can try 10 minutes workout plans. Even you’re not a morning person, there are so many bedtime workout plans, which can be done before sleeping. Also, follow some simple tips like using the staircase instead of the lift or skip automobiles and walk on the road’s side with hearing your favorite song. These activities can decrease your stress level and also you can able to improve weight loss.

Tip 5: Release your stress

Sometimes so much stress and anxiety can act as weight increasing factor. Even 5 to 10 minutes of meditation can help to relieve your stress. Spend a few minutes on your balcony or terrace and inhale some fresh air. Fresh air with nature scenic can relax your mind, and it will improve your concentration. 

If your mind is relaxed, you will get good sleep and aim for 7 to 8 hours of sleep, which is a great tip to decrease your stress level. Calm your mind with some good music and make your surrounding better. Sometimes overthinking can trigger your stress and takes you into depression. So, always try to stay in a positive state of mind.

Tip 6: Eat Slowly 

In today’s time, we all are busy with our work and can’t find enough time for eating, which results in eating in a hurry, which is not advisable. Slow down when you are taking a meal, chew your food as much you can, and slow down the process of taking your food. Not only will it make you enjoy your food more often, but also you will end up eating less food. Eating slowly can trick your body by making you think that it is getting fuller faster.

Tip 7: Finish your meal with grind spices

Finishing your meal by having some spices like black pepper, cinnamon, and black cumin will be the best tip for weight loss, and it will also act as a fat cutter. Have a cup of curd with pepper garnishing or add some spicy herbs to the salad. Spicy foods can raise the metabolic resisting rate, and also some studies found that turmeric may suppress fat tissue growth in mice.

Tip 8: Chew some gum

Chewing gum not only makes you smell better but also it will reduce the appetite and also helps to prevent impulsive eating. If you start chewing the gum, then you can able to stop your cravings for high-calorie foods. 

Chewing gum will not help with weight loss, but it will help you cut down the junk foods and eat some healthy vegetables or fruits. 

Tip 9: Drink more water

Drinking more water is the simplest tip to follow, and also the timing of consuming water is important. Drinking water before a meal will make you lose weight, and even drinking water on an empty stomach will make you feel better.

Tip 10: Fill your desk with healthy snacks

If your working desk or fridge is full of some unhealthy snacks, then keep all these things away from your eyesight. Replace unhealthy snacks with some healthy snacks like dry fruits, some vegetables, and fruits.


The above-mentioned tips will help you when you are feeling lazier, but this tip will promote effective weight loss only when you are ready to change your lifestyle. Implement these tips in your routine to see some healthy changes in your body.