What Happens To Your Body When You Give Up Alcohol

When You Give Up Alcohol

Alcohol is linked with various problems ranging from memory loss, depression to kidneys and liver disease. When you give up alcohol, you increase your chances of losing weight, sleeping better, boost your heart health, reduce your cancer risk, and even have a better life (because alcohol has destroyed many relationships, marriages, financial and people life).

How you your body will improve when you give up alcohol.

1. Improved Your Sleeping

Regular drinking can affect the quality of your sleep, making you feel tired and sluggish; it can also make you snore loudly.

Alcohol is a diuretic, which implies that it forces the body to lose its extra fluid through sweating, making you dehydrated, which means you will wake up with the wanting water.

The great news is that after one week away from quitting alcohol, you will notice that you are sleeping better.

2. Better Digestive system

Alcohol changes the normal pH of your stomach and can cause irritation and inflammation in the lining of the stomach.

It likewise stimulates the production of stomach acid, which is why you experience indigestion after a night of drinking.

As an outcome, problems can occur such as gastritis and gastric burns, that why various people find that nausea and vomiting is a constant experience the day after drinking.

By quitting alcohol, you will protect yourself from a higher risk of severe complications such as duodenal ulcer, gastric cancer, or esophageal cancer.

3. Body Detoxification

Two weeks after you when you give up alcohol, your body will start to cleanse the alcohol in your system, and you will begin to feel good.

The increased levels of toxins in your body will be detox, and your metabolism will increase.

4. You Protect Yourself against kidneys and liver disease.

One of the leading cause of liver or kidneys disease is alcohol drinking.

Excessive alcohol will make your kidneys work harder to filter your blood, eventually leading to dehydration and kidney pain. Also, Prolonged alcohol misuse can scar and damage the liver, especially in women.

Your liver cannot perform rightly if there isn’t sufficient water in your body. As alcohol acts as a diuretic in your body and causes dehydration, it makes things difficult for your liver to handle.

Too much drinking initially causes fat deposits to form in the liver, resulting in cirrhosis and liver cancer.

When you give up alcohol, you prevent kidney disease, chronic liver inflammation, liver disease, cirrhosis, or liver failure.

5. Better Brain and Memory

Alcohol has been known to cause brain damage that affects the ability to learn and remember and behavioral problems.

People who consume alcohol usually experience anxiety, blackouts, agitation, tiredness, and forgetful and weak concentration. Those who consume excessively for long periods lead to alcohol dependence, permanent brain injury, and severe mental health problems.

Quitting drinking will take the pressure off your brain, improves your sleep quality, and better sleep will enhance focus, concentration, and overall brainpower.

6. Improve Your Complexion

Alcohol also has adverse results on the circulatory system, increase in vasodilation and redness of the skin. The toxins from the drink will make your skin less elastic and aging.

Many people notice a notable change in their body temperature and begin sweating when they drink excess alcohol.

You are going to see a glow on your skin within several days of giving up alcohol.

Your body will no longer be dehydrated, and you get that flawless, younger looking skin you’ve always wanted.

7. Decreased Risk of Heart Disease

Excessive alcohol consumption accelerates pulse and raises your blood pressure.

Alcohol toxins flow through the blood very quickly, affecting in a short time the systems of the body and the heart.

As soon as you drink an alcoholic drink, your blood sugar either decreases or increases significantly.

This effect can cause sensations of weakness, dizziness, high blood pressure, or heart disease.

If you stop drinking, your blood cells will start to restore within three months, and you will feel much more active, healthier, and also lessen your risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

8. Improve Healthy Weight

Drinking can lead to weight gain. Alcohol briefly stops your body from burning fat, high calories and increases appetite, resulting in weight gain. When you give up alcohol, you lose weight without having to do intense exercise.

9. You Protect Yourself From Cancer

People who drink alcohol excessively tend to face difficulties in coordinating their movements.

Their body becomes weaker, making them more inclined to lose balance and worsening reflexes. Frequent drinking heightens your risk of cancers of the mouth, liver, colon, rectum, and breast. Hence, an excellent approach to take a halt or quit alcohol.

Note: Although serving a glass of wine once a week is good for health, excessive alcohol consumption is dangerous. Drink so much water to keep yourself properly hydrated.