Why Your Fingernails Split In The Middle

Fingernails Split

If your nails are cracked and split in the middle, it could indicate a health problem that requires to be addressed.

Your nails are created of keratin – is a hard protein that protects the edges of the fingernails.

Your fingernails can describe to you a lot about your general health and well-being.

You may see white stains, red spots, cracks, or splitting due to various disease. Those symptoms mean you can have some liver issues, heart disease, or a hormonal condition.

Why are my nails splitting vertically?

Many different health conditions can be the reason for your nails splitting: simply that your hands can be too dry.

If you strive to moisturize and care for hands and nails, and they are still splitting, it may be the sign of some health problems include:

1. Malnutrition

You may have some issues with your digestive system, or more simply, you are not eating correctly or regularly.

If your daily meals are not balancing with essential nutrients, warning marks of malnutrition will manifest on your nails, hair, and skin. So make sure you are eating well and healthy.

2. Vitamin C Deficiency

Vitamin C is essential to healthy working tissues, building bone, and healing injuries. It helps to form a protein named collagen that keeps cells attached like glue.

If your level of a vitamin C is low, your body may not produce enough collagen to keep your nails healthy, and they may crack and split more than usual.

3. Moisture

Dehydrated skin and nails can provoke your skin and fingernails to break, which can be so painful and makes you look ugly.

You need to use more often different moisturizers (creams, lotions, etc.) to keep your nails oiled.

4. Fungal Infection

It’s not a secret that fungal nail infections are widespread.

Excess growth of fungus in the nails can make them looks weak.

Fungal nail infections ordinarily begin at the edge of the nail.

These infections mostly occur when fingernails are kept warm and moist. Mostly this is appearing in the summertime when we sweat or swimming in municipal pools.

It can also happen in winter: by wearing shoes that make your feet hot and sweaty.

This disease that causes your nail infections is related to the fungus that causes athlete’s foot or ringworm. So you need to treat those conditions as soon as possible to avoid it spreading more.

5. Protein Deficiency

As you may know, your nail cells are created mostly of proteins.

If your nails started splitting vertically, that could be one of the first indications of a protein deficiency.

You need to consume proper quantities of protein for keeping your fingernails healthy, durable, and beautiful.

6. Folic Acid Deficiency

Folic acid is well-known as a vitamin of group B, which boosts your body repair and taking part in creating DNA, which is so crucial for pregnant women.

If you are suffering from a folic acid deficiency, your body cannot competently manufacture proteins to make healthy tissues.

Your nails, hair may grow but will have an unhealthy, miserable look.

Lack of folic acid also means you are suffering from stomach problems, which are gastritis, ulcer, or cancer.

7. Psoriasis

Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease identified by patches of abnormal skin.

Changes in your skin due to psoriasis condition can also affect nails. The cells grow abnormally fast, and it leads to extra amounts of it to remain on the surface of your skin.

You will notice your skin growing scales, itchy, and redness. This condition can also cause nails splitting down the middle.

8. Hypothyroidism

Deficiency of thyroid hormone is called “hypothyroidism.” If your thyroid gland is not acting correctly, some of the initial symptoms can manifest in your skin, loosing of the hair, or abnormalities of the nails.

Thyroid hormone assists in maintaining your metabolism and helps to keep your hormonal balance.

Some autoimmune conditions and effects of radioactivity exposure can lead to your thyroid removed.

How to prevent your nails from splitting or breaking

Try these easy suggestions to get your nails healthy again:

  • Always moisturize your hands and nails after you wash your hands or shower.
  • eat healthily and get enough vitamins then you can build stronger and healthier nails
  • Use a right nail file to smoothen the edges, or attend a professional manicure.
  • Wear rubber gloves while washing dishes
  • Avoid unnecessary use of nail polish remover

Final Word

When you find your fingernails splitting down the middle permanently, you may have a severe nutrient deficiency.

If you are powerless to stop this with a healthier diet and nail care, get to your family doctor for a checkup.

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