5 Everyday Items Dirtier Than Your Toilet Seat

When you think about the dirtiest places in your home, your mind might immediately jump to the toilet seat. However, you might be surprised to learn that many everyday items you touch frequently are harboring more germs than your toilet seat. In this article, we will shed light on five common household items that are dirtier than you might expect. Keeping these areas clean can help you maintain a healthier environment.

1. Kitchen Sponges

The kitchen sponge is a hotbed for germs due to its moist environment, which provides the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Research has shown that kitchen sponges can contain a higher concentration of bacteria than any other household item, including your toilet seat. Regularly sanitizing your sponge by microwaving it for a minute or replacing it every week can help mitigate the risk.

2. Smartphone Screens

Your smartphone goes everywhere with you, from the bathroom to the kitchen table, collecting germs along the way. Studies suggest that the average smartphone screen is much dirtier than a toilet seat, hosting a wide variety of bacteria and viruses. Cleaning your screen with a disinfectant wipe designed for electronics can help keep those unseen germs at bay.

3. Computer Keyboards

Whether at home or in the office, computer keyboards can accumulate more germs than a toilet seat, especially if they are shared with others. Crumbs, spills, and the oils from your fingers create an environment where germs thrive. Regularly cleaning your keyboard with compressed air and disinfectant wipes can help reduce the buildup of bacteria.

4. Door Handles

Door handles are touched by numerous hands throughout the day, making them a common transmitter of germs. The bacteria and viruses on door handles can easily surpass those on a toilet seat, especially in high-traffic areas. Disinfecting your door handles regularly, especially during cold and flu season, can help prevent the spread of illness.

5. TV Remotes

The TV remote is another item that sees a lot of hand traffic but rarely gets cleaned. It can become a repository for bacteria and viruses, more so than your toilet seat. A simple solution is to wipe down your remote with a disinfectant wipe on a regular basis, particularly if someone in your home is sick.


How often should I clean these items to keep germs at bay?

You should aim to clean these high-touch items at least once a week or more frequently if they are used by multiple people or someone is ill.

Can germs on these items actually make me sick?

Yes, germs like bacteria and viruses on these items can lead to illnesses if you touch your face after handling them, transferring the germs to your mouth, nose, or eyes.

What’s the best way to disinfect these items?

For most items, using disinfectant wipes or a solution of soap and water can effectively reduce the number of germs. Electronics, such as smartphones and remotes, may require special cleaning wipes designed for use on those surfaces to prevent damage.

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