About Mayor Boss

Mayor Boss is a Nigerian entertainer (Rapper, singer, songwriter), Entrepreneur, Motivator and a Phd holder in pharmaceutical science. I am currently based in Europe.

My Mission

I founded this health website mainly for topics that include a healthy lifestyle, nutrition, natural remedies, and related health questions and problems.

The contents on the site are written and revised by accredited medical doctors and experts to provide proper information to expand your knowledge on health topics in general as well as up to date information Of health conditions.

Mayorboss.com‘s contents are not meant to substitute the opinion of your doctor or minimize the significance of diagnostic tests and regular check-ups. Always make sure to consult your doctor for a proper check-up.

My mission is to inspire and uplift people with daily empowering messages through my post, music, inspirational writings, and health tips. My messages reach over a million people every year via my facebook page and Instagram page.

My purpose is to help people who need inspiration and are going through depression to find joy and happiness in this world.

Mayor Boss
Mayor Boss

My Vision

My Vision is to also create a stage for outreach and support for those who truly need it, and for truly building people and filling them with courage and new ideas and possibilities, not for mere money-making only, because I believe the world can be a happy place when we show love to other people, other than ourselves. And, most importantly, to encourage people to embrace a healthy lifestyle that might reduce the risk of various diseases.

As for my music

If you want to listen to my songs, feel free to check on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Google Play, Tidal, and another music outlet.