About Mayor Boss

Mayor Boss


I’m a Ph.D. holder in pharmaceutical science and a recording artist.

My life is about being happy, living life to the fullest, and studying God‘s word.

I’m a positive person who loves to spread positivity.

Mayor Boss mission is to inspire people with daily content that uplifts them, which has given me a wonderful sense of purpose for the past ten years. 

Whether it’s a motivational post or a healthy lifestyle, it’s always been about inspiring others.

What Mayorboss.com is all about

Mayorboss.com is the perfect place to find all of your health and wellness needs!

We have articles on health, nutrition, fitness, home remedies, and more that will keep you informed about everything about living a healthy life.

I work with a team of expert writers, editors, and accredited medical professionals.

And all of the articles are well researched and written to give you the best information.

You can trust mayorboss.com for the answers to your important health questions.

But remember this:

In no way should this site be used in place of a doctor’s opinion or diagnosis – always make sure to consult your doctor for a proper checkup!

About my music…

My songs are usually about being real with yourself and having fun.

If you want to listen to my songs, feel free to check on Spotify, Apple Music, or Youtube.