Here’s What Happens to Your Body When You Stop Wearing Underwear

Underwear plays a role we sometimes fail to fully appreciate. Beyond providing support, shaping our silhouettes, and offering an additional barrier against our outerwear, underwear impacts our overall genital health. So, what exactly happens to our bodies if we suddenly go commando? Let’s explore the potential pros and cons.

Potential Benefits of Going Commando

Going underwear-free offers advantages that many find worth considering:

Reduced Risk of Infections

For many, avoiding underwear leads to fewer yeast and urinary tract infections (UTIs). Underwear can trap moisture and heat, the perfect environment for the growth of harmful bacteria and fungi. Going commando allows breathability that lowers the chance of infection. This effect is more pronounced for those prone to infections.

Improved Air Circulation

Without an extra layer, your genitals enjoy increased airflow. This keeps the area drier, a key factor in preventing sweat, moisture build-up, and the resulting discomfort or risk of infection.

Alleviation of Skin Irritation

Certain fabrics, laundry detergents, and fabric softeners can lead to skin irritation and sometimes even allergic reactions. Your sensitive genital area may be particularly vulnerable. Ditching underwear may bring relief.

Potential Sperm Health Improvement (for Men)

While further research is needed, some experts theorize a positive connection between “going commando” and increased sperm count and motility. Tight underwear can raise testicular temperature, negatively impacting sperm production.

Possible Drawbacks of Ditching Underwear

For as many benefits as it can create, there are some potential disadvantages to life without underwear:

Increased Chafing

Direct contact between your skin and pants can lead to friction and chafing. This is especially likely when engaged in physical activity or with rough fabrics like coarse denim.

Visible Sweat and Stains

Without a barrier, visible sweat stains on clothing are more probable. Some people may find this embarrassing or uncomfortable.

Less Support

If you’re accustomed to the support of underwear, going without can create some discomfort – or just feel ‘strange.’ Activities like exercising might feel less secure.


Although going commando often reduces odors caused by trapped moisture, the sweat generated in your groin area can still lead to an increased smell during activities like workouts.

Hygiene Concerns

Some worry about potential hygiene issues related to forgoing underwear. They’re concerned about direct contact between clothing and genitals. There’s also worry about exposure when sitting on public surfaces. These issues are largely addressed by following the guidelines below.

Best Practices for Going Commando

If you want to give the underwear-free life a try, here are some essential tips:

  • Shower Regularly: Maintaining good, even heightened, hygiene practices becomes extremely important. A quick rinse helps reduce bacteria and unpleasant odors.
  • Choose Breathable Clothing: Looser-fitting clothing made of natural fibers like cotton allows maximum airflow and ventilation. Synthetic fabrics or skin-tight clothes restrict airflow.
  • Mind Public Surfaces: Consider sitting on a clean barrier (handkerchief, tissue) on public surfaces to avoid contact with any unknown bacteria.
  • Change After Workouts: Always change and shower immediately after workouts or situations leading to excess sweat.
  • Listen to Your Body: Experiment for short periods. If you experience irritation, discomfort, or any noticeable negative changes, it’s a sign to go back to your underwear routine.


1. Should everyone go commando?

No, absolutely not. Each individual needs to judge what’s right for them. Certain medical conditions, like frequent vaginal infections, might make going commando less suitable. For many, it’s simply a matter of personal comfort.

2. Can going commando lead to infertility?

No. While tight underwear may impact sperm health, ditching them will not cause infertility. There are many complex factors in fertility issues.

3. Can women sleep without underwear?

Yes. The breathable environment could provide relief if prone to UTIs or yeast infections. However, if there’s discomfort or a feeling of insecurity, then it’s perfectly okay to wear light, breathable undies to bed.

The decision to wear underwear or not is a purely personal one, and each should base their decision on their health and comfort. There are pros and cons on both sides of the fence. Listen to your body, follow good hygiene, and find a method that works best for you!


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