How to Get Rid of Warts

It’s no secret that warts can be bothersome. To be specific, they may cause discomfort or even affect your confidence. You might’ve guessed already; in this article, I’ll guide you on how to get rid of warts effectively and safely.

What are Warts?

In simpler terms, warts are small, rough skin growths caused by certain strains of the human papillomavirus (HPV). They’re typically harmless but can be unsightly and uncomfortable.

In most cases, warts go away on their own within a few months or years. But if it’s causing you discomfort or embarrassment, here are some methods to help you remove them.

How To Get Rid of Warts

Medical Treatments

Indeed, medical treatments are the most effective way to get rid of warts.


Also known as freezing therapy, cryotherapy is frequently used by medical professionals to get rid of warts. The treatment involves using liquid nitrogen to freeze the wart off.

Salicylic Acid

Besides cryotherapy, salicylic acid can also be used. This substance, available in many over-the-counter products, helps to dissolve the wart over time.

Vitamin C

Some research suggests that Vitamin C, due to its acidic nature, can help in the battle to get rid of warts. Applying crushed Vitamin C tablets to warts, followed by a bandage, is a treatment some people find effective.


Another popular medical treatment to remove warts is Cantharidin. In this case, a healthcare provider applies the substance to the wart, which causes it to blister and eventually peel off.


In some cases, the drug Bleomycin may be injected into a wart. This may kill the virus and, in turn, eliminate the wart.

Laser therapy

Laser therapy uses intense light beams to remove warts. The laser is typically used for large or resistant warts and can help prevent scarring.

Natural Remedies

For those who prefer a more natural approach, there are remedies to get rid of warts.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Many believe that apple cider vinegar, due to its acetic acid content, may help in wart removal. Soak a cotton ball in the vinegar and apply it to the wart, securing it with a bandage.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil, known for its antiviral properties, is said to be effective in treating warts. However, it should be used cautiously as it can cause skin irritation.

Clear Nail Polish

Some people claim that clear nail polish can be used to remove warts. The polish seals off the wart, potentially causing it to die off.


Garlic is also popular for its antimicrobial properties. Some theories suggest that applying crushed garlic to the wart and covering it with a bandage overnight may lead to wart removal.


Importantly, before you try to get rid of warts, there are precautions to consider. Never try to cut or burn a wart off yourself. Doing so can lead to infection and scarring.

Plus, it’s crucial to remember that while treatments can remove warts, they might not prevent new ones from forming.


The best way to get rid of warts is to avoid getting them in the first place. Keep your hands and feet clean and dry, avoid direct contact with warts, and don’t use the same personal items as a person with warts.


Finally, whether you choose medical treatments or natural remedies to get rid of warts, consult a healthcare professional for guidance. Remember, the goal is not just to remove warts but to do so safely and effectively.

In the hope that this guide aids you in your quest to get rid of warts, take these tips to heart. Your journey to clearer skin awaits.

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