10 Foods That Make Your Sweat Smell Good

Do you wonder about foods that make your sweat smell good? Believe it or not, your diet can significantly affect how your sweat smells. Consuming specific foods like citrus fruits, leafy greens, and whole grains, as well as even drinking herbal teas or green tea, can help make your sweat smell good.

Most importantly, drink more water.

Apart from being an essential part of our life, water can directly impact how your sweat smells.

In fact, staying hydrated can dilute and flush out the toxins that cause unpleasant sweat odors.

That said, if you think that what you eat doesn’t affect how your sweat smells, think again. This fact explains why nutritionists recommend certain diets.

Foods That Make Your Sweat Smell Good

Citrus Fruits

You might imagine that citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, and grapefruits can make your sweat smell fresher.

This may be because these fruits contain high amounts of vitamin C, which can help to detoxify your body and reduce unpleasant sweat odors.

 Foods That Make Your Sweat Smell Good

Green Vegetables

Green vegetables like spinach and kale can also improve your sweat scent.

Because of their high chlorophyll content, these foods can naturally deodorize your body.

Whole Grains

Whole grains are said to balance the body’s natural bacteria, which can alleviate sweat odors.

This includes foods like brown rice, oats, and whole wheat bread.


Cucumber, which is, in fact, a major source of water and vitamins, can also help to make your sweat smell good.

Due to its high water content, it helps in flushing out toxins from the body.


Ideally, including apples in your diet can lead to better-smelling sweat.

This is because apples contain natural enzymes that can help break down toxins in the body.

Herbal Teas

Herbal teas, specifically peppermint, chamomile, jasmine, rosemary, and hibiscus, have shown positive results in making your sweat smell better.

These teas have antioxidants that purify your body., thus improving sweat odor.

Fenugreek Seeds

Interestingly enough, fenugreek seeds are also known to make your sweat smell good.

This is due to their natural compounds that can influence the scent of your sweat.


Tomatoes are another food that can improve your sweat scent.

Basically, tomatoes can help neutralize bad odors due to their high antioxidant content.

Foods That Make Your Sweat Smell Good

White Meat

Choosing white meat like chicken, rabbit, turkey, veal, and fish over red can make a difference in how your sweat smells.

As you might’ve guessed, white meat is easier to digest, reducing the possibility of foul-smelling sweat.

Green Tea

According to nutritionists, green tea can detoxify your body, leading to a sweeter-smelling sweat. Additionally, it’s a great source of antioxidants, which can help with overall health.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Causes Sweat to Smell Bad?

Many people believe that sweat itself is odorless.

The whole truth is that it’s the bacteria on your skin breaking down the sweat that creates body odor.

Factors like diet, health, and personal hygiene also influence how your sweat smells.

Can Certain Foods Really Make My Sweat Smell Good?

Yes, in fact, some foods are said to influence the smell of your sweat.

This may be because these foods can alter the balance of bacteria in your body or help detoxify your system.

Therefore, foods like citrus fruits, leafy greens, pineapple, yogurt, and green tea can make your sweat smell good.

How Can I Improve My Body Odor Naturally?

Aside from consuming foods that make your sweat smell good, you should also maintain good hygiene.

Not to mention, drink plenty of water and exercise regularly to flush out toxins.

How Long Will It Take for My Sweat to Smell Good?

Ideally, you’ll notice changes in the smell of your sweat a few days after adjusting your diet.

However, it depends on various factors, like your metabolism and the foods you eat.

So, be patient and keep up with your new dietary habits.

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