5 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Shoe Odor (You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner)

Dealing with smelly shoes can be quite a hassle, especially after a long day on your feet. The good news is that getting rid of that unpleasant odor is easier than you might think. Here, we’ll go over five simple and effective methods to freshen up your shoes, making sure they’re ready to go whenever you are. So, if you’re tired of your sneakers smelling less than fresh, read on for some tips you’ll wish you knew sooner!

1. Baking Soda

You’ve probably heard of using baking soda as a deodorizer around the house, but did you know it works wonders for your shoes, too? Simply sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda into each shoe and let it sit overnight. Baking soda absorbs moisture and neutralizes odors. In the morning, just shake out the powder, and you’ll notice a significant difference.

2. Essential Oils

Essential oils are not only great for aromatherapy but can also refresh your shoes. First, select your favorite scent – peppermint, lavender, or tea tree oils are fantastic choices for their antimicrobial properties. Then, put a few drops of the oil on a piece of tissue or a cotton ball and leave it in your shoes overnight. Not only will the oils help kill the bacteria causing the smell, but they’ll also leave a pleasant scent behind.

3. Citrus Peels

Another natural and effective way to tackle shoe odor is by using citrus peels. Orange, lemon, or grapefruit peels can all do the trick. Place fresh peels inside each shoe and let them sit overnight. The citrus not only absorbs the bad smells but also leaves a fresh, clean scent. Just make sure to replace the peels every day until the odor completely vanishes.

4. Freezing

This method might sound a bit unusual, but freezing your shoes can kill the bacteria and fungi that cause odor. First, place your shoes in a plastic bag to protect them. Then, leave them in the freezer overnight. The cold will eliminate the odor-causing microbes. In the morning, take them out and let them thaw before wearing them. You’ll be surprised at how effective this can be!

5. Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal is known for its capacity to absorb moisture and odors, making it an excellent choice for refreshing your footwear. You can buy activated charcoal inserts or make your own by filling a pair of socks with activated charcoal powder. Place the socks inside your shoes and leave them overnight. The charcoal will draw out the moisture and odor, leaving your shoes smelling fresh.

These simple yet effective methods will keep your shoes smelling fresh and clean, ensuring that shoe odor becomes a thing of the past. Give them a try, and you’ll see just how easy it is to keep your footwear in top-notch condition!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How often should I deodorize my shoes?
    • It actually depends on how frequently you wear them and how quickly they develop an odor. As a general rule, try to deodorize them once every two weeks or whenever you notice a smell.
  2. Can these methods be used on any type of shoe?
    • Yes, these methods are safe for most shoe materials. However, if you have delicate or special care shoes, it’s always best to check the manufacturer’s care instructions first.
  3. What can I do to prevent shoe odor in the first place?
    • Keeping your feet clean and dry is key. Wear moisture-wicking socks, rotate your shoes to give them time to air out, and consider using foot powder or antiperspirant if you have particularly sweaty feet.

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