5 Easy tricks to keep spiders out of your home naturally

The easy to keep spiders out of your home naturally

Are you looking for easy know-how to keep spiders out of your home naturally?

You have probably watched the Spiderman movie, and we can safely say that you just loved it.

All the heroic stunts by Spiderman in the movie just make everyone fell in love with it. 

However, everything becomes horrible when you see an actual spider crawling on the walls of your room.

At that moment, you probably start jumping around with fear, and things become even worse when the spider is of a giant’s size.

Keeping the spiders out of your home is very important because some spiders are poisonous and pose a serious threat to your life as well. 

They can either bite you or accidentally fell inside some uncovered food in your kitchen and cause food poisoning in case you consume that affected food unintentionally. 

So, how do you keep the spiders away from your home naturally?

Follow this simple guide and get rid of spiders in no time:

1. Use vinegar

The problem with a lot of pest control chemicals is that they are poisonous and harmful to humans as well. 

So, it is never a good idea to keep them in your house due to the threat they pose to your health & life. 

There is a need that you use a natural anti-pest substance that is harmful to the spiders and healthy for humans. That one natural pest control substance is vinegar.

Vinegar is renowned for its marvelous abilities against spiders.

The good thing is that it is completely safe & healthy for humans. 

Vinegar contains acetic acid that gives out a sensitive sour smell which works as a repellant for spiders.

They hate the taste and smell of vinegar and won’t ever come closer to it.

Take an equal amount of water and vinegar and put them inside a spray bottle.

After that, spray that mixture of water and vinegar at all the spiders’ entrance points, such as the windows and below the doors, etc.

2. Use citrus

Just like vinegar, spiders also dislike the taste & odor of citrus.

You can take advantage of this thing and use citrus as a weapon to keep the spiders away from your home.

Take some citrus fruits in a bowl and place them near the windows or on your kitchen shelves, and it will repel the spiders effectively. 

You can also use peels of citrus fruits and rub them on windows and spaces below the doors from where the spiders come in. 

The taste and smell of citrus will scare the spiders and keep them away from you.

3. Use peppermint oil

You have probably noticed multiple times that mint has the strongest smell and taste among many other plants. 

Studies have shown that mint is also a great spider repellent as they hate it more than anything else. 

Take some peppermint oil, put it in a bottle, and then spray it all across your home, especially at the spiders’ entrance points.

Another great trick is that you can randomly throw some mint leaves at random points in your home.

The best solution among all the other tips is that you grow some mint plants all-around your house.

It will work like a shield covering your house and repelling the spiders by keeping them away.

4. Use cedar

You are probably familiar with the strong taste & scent given out by the small cedar blocks.

Well, spiders are also sensitive to that smell, and they don’t like coming closer to it. 

You can use this for your benefit and sprinkle some cedar chips and blocks everywhere inside your home, especially at the spiders’ entry points. 

Whenever they try to enter your home, they will run away after detecting the cedar smell.

5. Keep your home clean

Have you ever imagined why the spiders actually come inside your house? There must be a reason behind that, right? 

Obviously, they are not just having a morning walk, and they decided to go to your home and say hello to you. 

The fact is that the dust present attracts spiders inside your home as dust is like a perfect honeymoon spot for them. 

So, the solution is that you should keep your home clean from dust to ensure that the spiders won’t ever enter your house again.

Regularly vacuum all the frequently dusted places and keep them clean to keep the spiders at bay.

Doing this will not only keep the spiders away from your house but also keep you & your family healthy. 

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