You Should Not Spend More Than 10 Minutes on the Toilet

Have you ever caught yourself scrolling through your phone, lost in a world of social media or news articles while sitting on the toilet? It may seem like the perfect opportunity to multitask, but spending more than ten minutes in this position might not be as harmless as it appears.

Why Long Toilet Sessions May Be Harmful

First and foremost the extended time on the toilet can lead to notable health concerns, such as hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids can be incredibly painful and itchy. When you sit on the toilet for too long, you’re putting constant pressure on these veins. Over time, this pressure can cause them to swell and even bleed.

Also, think about your posture. Often, sitting on the toilet for extended periods forces you into a somewhat unnatural position which can lead to strain. This strain is not just uncomfortable but can also affect your bowel movements.

The Impact on Bowel Health

Spending too much time trying to go can lead to constipation. How’s that? Well, if you frequently force yourself to try to go when you don’t really need to, your body might start to get confused. This can disrupt the natural signals your body sends when it’s actually time to go, leading to a sluggish bowel.

Moreover, when you sit on the toilet for too long, you might be tempted to push or strain. This straining is counterproductive because it can weaken the muscles in your pelvic floor. Over time, this can lead to complications like pelvic floor dysfunction or even prolapse in severe cases.

Bacterial Spread and Hygiene

Now, here’s something you might not have considered: the longer you stay on the toilet, the higher your exposure to bacteria. Toilets, even those that are regularly cleaned, can harbor bacteria and viruses. Prolonged exposure, especially in public restrooms, increases your chances of coming into contact with these pathogens.

Practical Tips to Reduce Time Spent on the Toilet

  1. Listen to Your Body: Only go to the bathroom when you truly feel the urge. Don’t use toilet time as an escape or a break from your responsibilities.
  2. Keep Distractions Out: Leave your phone or reading material outside. This helps to avoid getting lost in activities that could extend your time on the toilet.
  3. Improve Your Diet: A diet rich in fiber can help you maintain regular bowel movements and avoid constipation. This means more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do hemorrhoids develop from prolonged toilet sitting? Prolonged sitting increases pressure on the veins in the lower rectum, which can cause swelling and the formation of hemorrhoids.

Can altering toilet posture help? Yes, using a footstool to elevate your feet and mimic a squatting position can reduce strain and help facilitate a quicker and easier bowel movement.

Is it harmful to use my phone on the toilet? Using your phone on the toilet can lead to longer sitting times and distract you from the task at hand. It’s best to keep your phone away during toilet time to minimize time spent and reduce the risk of straining.

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