11 Warning Signs That Your Body Is Lacking Water

The Warning signs that your body is lacking water

Water is the most important thing that you put into your body.

It is essential for life, and it can even help you lose weight.

On top of that, water helps to maintain a healthy lifestyle by reducing acid in the stomach and preventing constipation.

It also improves brain function and regulates temperature in your body.

But did you know that it is possible to be dehydrated without realizing it?

So let’s learn the 11 warning signs that your body is lacking water.

1. You’re always thirsty

Lack of water in the body can cause excessive thirst.

So if you feel thirsty all the time, your body is probably lacking water.

This is because your body signals to you when it needs more fluid by making you feel thirsty.

All you have to do is drink more water.

So make sure you are drinking enough water every day to avoid severe dehydration.

2. You’re always tired

Lack of energy can be another warning sign that your body lacks water.


Dehydration can cause low blood pressure.

And that, in turn, will decrease the amount of oxygen sent to your brain, which results in exhaustion and drowsiness.

So if you’re tired all day long without any apparent reason, drink some more water to help rehydrate and revitalize your system.

3. Your mouth feels dry

Mild dehydration can cause dry mouth.

So if you feel like your mouth is extremely dry, the chances are that it’s because you need to drink more water!

The truth is, that your body loses a lot of water every day through urine and excessive sweating.

If you don’t replenish those liquids with enough fresh drinking water, then your mouth feels dry.

But don’t worry: just take a glass and drink some water.

4. You’re constipated

Water plays a big role in digestion, and it helps to prevent constipation.

If you feel like your bowel movements are more difficult than usual, or if they’re less frequent, then the chances are that your body lacks water!

So make sure you drink enough water to avoid constipation.

And if you already suffer from this condition, then consider drinking more water as a possible solution for your troubles.

In all proper hydration is the best way to help your digestion.

5. Your urine is dark brown

Dark, concentrated urine (pee) can be an indication that your body lacks water.

That’s because if you don’t drink enough water, the liquid part of your pee will decrease, and what’s left behind are salts and other waste products, which make it look darker in color.

So by simply drinking more water, you can avoid this problem.

In fact, if your urine is color light yellow, that means you’re properly hydrated!

6. You have dry skin

Severe dehydration can cause dry skin.

That’s because the skin contains approximately 64% water, so when there is less water in the body, it also means that there are fewer fluids on your skin.

That’s why it loses its elasticity and becomes dry, fragile, and flaky, which is not a good look at all!

So if you have very dry or flaky skin, drink more water to rehydrate and moisturize your skin!

And of course, don’t forget to regularly apply a good quality lotion for even better results. 

7. You feel hungry all the time

This is probably one of the most common warning signs that your body lacks water.

And it’s not surprising because lack of fluids can affect hormones that regulate hunger and satiety.

That’s why if you find yourself feeling hungry every few hours, then chances are you might need to drink more water.

On top of that, drinking enough water can also help you to eat less because it fills up your stomach and gives the sensation of being full!

8. You have headaches

Headaches can be a warning sign that your body lacks water.

This happens because when the brain isn’t properly hydrated, it can’t work as well.

Studies show that even mild dehydration can impair brain function.

That’s why if you suffer from headaches every now and then or even on a regular basis, make sure to drink enough water!

It will help relieve your headache and also prevent it from coming back.

9. You have bad breath

Having a bad breath can also be a sign that your body lacks water.

When you don’t drink enough liquid, and the saliva in your mouth dries up, then it can cause bad breath!


Mouth bacteria will metabolize proteins into smelly compounds, which is why having a dry mouth usually results in bad breath.

So if you don’t want to have bad breath, then simply drink enough water every day!

That said if your bad breath comes with other warning signs like a sore throat, fever, cough, and so on, then you should see a doctor.

10. You have muscle cramps

Muscle cramps can also be a warning sign that your body lacks water.

That’s because when your body is severely dehydrated, it can affect the levels of electrolytes and minerals in your muscles.

And this imbalance between fluids and nutrients can cause muscle cramps or spasms, which are extremely painful!

That is why sports experts recommend drinking enough water to avoid cramps.

In short, if you want to prevent muscle cramps, then simply drink enough water every day!

11. You have difficulty concentrating

Severe dehydration can also cause brain fog or what is also known as difficulty concentrating.

That’s because the human brain is 80% water.

So it’s not surprising that when you don’t drink enough water, your brain function is also affected.

So if you have difficulty concentrating or even focusing on a particular task for a long time, then make sure to drink more water.

That said, if your difficulty concentrating comes with other warning signs like memory loss and confusion, then you should see a doctor.


So those are the warning signs that your body is lacking water.

You can avoid them by simply making sure to drink enough water every day!

This way, you’ll feel light, energized, and healthy without any of these problems.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start drinking more now! 

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