10 Exercises Women Should Do Every Day

Engaging in daily exercises is a surefire way to maintain one’s health and keep in shape. Especially for women, exercising on a regular basis is critical as it aids in disease prevention, stress relief, and the achievement of a healthy, fit body. Keeping that in mind, here are exercises that every woman needs to do daily.

Exercises Women Should Do Every Day

1. Morning Stretch

Start by stretching your body first thing in the morning. This simple activity can help to shake off the sleepiness and prepare your body for the day ahead. Make sure not to rush through it; take your time to stretch each muscle properly. This exercise can be as simple as reaching for the ceiling with your arms, then touching your toes.

 Morning Stretch

2. Squats

If you’ve ever thought about strengthening your legs and glutes, then squats are the go-to exercise. Rise up and stand firm. Position your feet shoulder-width apart. Hinge forward at your hips, and lower your body as much as you comfortably can. Keep your back straight. You can either choose to do a set number of squats or do them for a set time.

3. Planks

Not to mention the planks, they are an excellent way to work on your core strength. Lie on the floor, then lift up onto your elbows and toes, holding your body in a straight line. Hold this position for as long as you can. Remember, quality is more important than quantity. Make sure to keep your body straight throughout the exercise.

4. Push-ups

Push-ups are excellent exercise for the upper body and core. Just make sure you are doing them correctly. Start by lying on the floor. Hands should be a bit more than shoulder-width apart. Keep your body straight and push up until your arms are fully extended. Lower yourself again, and repeat.

woman doing Push-ups

5. Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks are a terrific way to get your heart rate up and burn calories. Stand up with your feet together and hands at your sides. Jump, and at the same time, spread your legs and clap your hands above your head. Land softly and repeat.

6. Walking

You can say that again, walking is, indeed, one of the simplest yet most effective exercises out there. It’s kind of like the building block of all exercises. Just make sure you walk briskly for about 30 minutes each day. This simple routine can work wonders for your cardiovascular health.

7. Seated Leg Lifts

Seated leg lifts are excellent for toning your thighs. Sit on a chair with your back straight. Lift one leg up until it is in line with your hip. Lower it down without letting it touch the floor, then lift it again. Switch legs after a set number of repetitions.

8. Bicycle Crunches

To make your abs workout more effective, try to incorporate bicycle crunches. Lie on the floor with your hands behind your head. Lift your legs and move them as if you are pedaling a bicycle while alternatively bringing your elbows to the opposite knee.

Woman doing bicycle crunches

9. Yoga Poses

In fact, any form of yoga pose can be beneficial for overall body strength and flexibility. Hold onto each pose for a few breaths, and make sure to breathe in and out slowly and deeply.

10. Breathing Exercises

Finally, here’s an exercise that’s often overlooked: breathing exercises. These can help reduce stress and promote a feeling of calm. A simple one to try is deep breathing. Inhale deeply through your nose, hold for a few seconds, and exhale through your mouth.

Exercises Women Should Do Every Day

In conclusion, these ten exercises can make a significant difference in your health and well-being if practiced daily. So remember, there’s always time for exercise, no matter how busy your schedule might be. It’s kind of like investing in your future health.

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