17 Ways to Make Someone Smile When Their Day Isn’t Going Well

We’ve all had those days where nothing seems to go right. Maybe you’ve noticed someone close to you is having one of those tough days. The good news is, with a little effort, you can bring a smile to their face and maybe, just maybe, turn their day around. Keep scrolling for some simple and heartfelt ways to cheer someone up.

Offer a Genuine Compliment

A sincere compliment can go a long way. Pay attention to what makes them unique, whether it’s their outfit, their work, or their infectious laugh. Letting them know you notice these little things can brighten their mood.

Share a Funny Story or Joke

Laughter is a powerful mood booster. Crack a joke or share a hilarious mishap that happened to you. It’s about sharing a laugh together, not delivering a stand-up routine!

Send a Thoughtful Message

Sometimes, a surprise text, email, or note can make all the difference. It doesn’t have to be lengthy; just a simple “Thinking of you!” or “Hope this makes you smile!” can do wonders.

Bring Them Their Favorite Treat

If you know they love a certain snack, coffee, or treat, surprise them with it. It’s a sweet way to show you care and pay attention to their likes.

Suggest a Spontaneous Outing

Break the routine with an impromptu trip to grab a coffee, a stroll in a nearby park, or a quick catch-up at their favorite spot. Changing the scenery can change the mood.

Listen to Them

Often, what people need the most is someone to listen. Offer them your ear, let them vent, and provide support without necessarily trying to solve their problems.

Create a Playlist for Them

Music can be incredibly soothing. Make a playlist of uplifting or relaxing songs and share it with them. It’s a personal touch that shows you’re there for them.

Offer a Helping Hand

Whether they’re overwhelmed with work or personal responsibilities, offering your help can alleviate their stress. Sometimes, the best way to cheer someone up is to make their day easier.

Share an Inspirational Quote

If they like motivational words, send them a quote that has always lifted your spirits. Choose something that resonates with their situation.

Plan a Movie Night

Invite them for a movie night with all their favorites—films, snacks, and company. Sometimes a good film and relaxation are all they need to escape the blues.

Give a Small, Thoughtful Gift

A little surprise gift that reminds them of an inside joke or a shared memory can be just the right pick-me-up.

Make Them a Handmade Card

In the age of digital communication, a handmade card can be a rare and cherished gesture that shows genuine affection and effort.

Ask About Their Needs

Sometimes, directly asking, “What can I do to make your day better?” can open up ways to help that you might not have considered.

Share Photos of Good Times

Send them a photo from a time you enjoyed together, reminding them of fun moments and that there are more good times to come.

Invite Them to Exercise Together

Exercise releases endorphins, known as happy hormones. Invite them for a yoga class, a brisk walk, or a dance session to help lift their spirits.

Cook for Them or Order Their Favorite Food

Food is a comfort for many. If you can, cook something special for them or order their favorite meal as a surprise.

Just Be There

Sometimes, just being there, physically or virtually, reassures them that they are not alone, which can be incredibly comforting.


Q: What are the signs that someone might need a little cheering up?
A: Changes in behavior like withdrawal, a lack of enthusiasm, or even a slight decrease in communication can indicate someone is having a tough day. Noticing these small changes can be key.

Q: Are there any actions I should avoid when trying to cheer someone up?
A: Avoid dismissing their feelings with phrases like “It could be worse” or pushing them to cheer up too quickly. It’s important to acknowledge their feelings and give them space if they need it.

Q: How can I keep my own mood positive when I’m trying to help someone who is feeling down?
A: Remember to take care of your own emotional needs. Engage in activities that you enjoy and find relaxing to maintain your own well-being. This way, you can be a positive presence for those who need you.

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