7 Things Happy Couples DO NOT Do in Their Relationship

Relationships can be a lot like gardens; they flourish when nurtured and can wither without care. So, while there are countless articles telling you what to do for a healthy relationship, it’s equally crucial to know what not to do. Are you ready to discover the pitfalls to avoid to keep your relationship thriving? Here are seven things that happy couples consciously avoid to keep their bond strong and healthy.

1. They Don’t Keep Score

Happy couples understand that love is not a competition. They don’t keep a tally of who did what for whom. Instead, they focus on supporting each other unconditionally. So what’s the point? It’s simple: in love, generosity should be given freely without expecting something in return.

2. They Don’t Ignore Each Other’s Needs

Communication is the heartbeat of a relationship. Happy couples don’t just talk; they listen. They make it a priority to understand and respond to each other’s needs and concerns. Why is this important? Because feeling heard and understood fosters intimacy and trust.

3. They Don’t Let Conflicts Go Unresolved

Let’s face it: every couple argues. However, happy couples don’t sweep their issues under the rug. They address disagreements head-on and work through them together. How? By maintaining respect and seeking compromise. This way, they ensure minor squabbles don’t turn into lingering resentments.

4. They Don’t Disrespect Each Other

Respect is the foundation of any strong relationship. This means that happy couples do not belittle each other, especially not in public or in front of friends and family. They understand that respect is a vital ingredient in love, and losing it can be detrimental to the relationship.

5. They Don’t Neglect Their Own or Each Other’s Personal Growth

Happy couples encourage each other to grow and succeed. They understand that personal development for each partner is vital to the growth of the relationship itself. They support each other’s hobbies, career aspirations, and personal interests, knowing that these activities contribute to their happiness and fulfillment.

6. They Don’t Forget to Show Appreciation

In the whirlwind of daily life, it’s easy to take each other for granted. Successful couples, however, make it a point to show appreciation regularly. Whether it’s a simple thank you, a compliment, or a kind gesture, acknowledging each other’s efforts keeps the love alive. And guess what? It makes every day a little brighter!

7. They Don’t Expect Their Partner to Read Their Mind

Expecting a partner to know your needs and wants without communication is a common pitfall. Happy couples know the importance of clearly expressing their thoughts and expectations. This clarity removes unnecessary misunderstandings and builds a stronger, more connected relationship.


So there you have it—seven things happy couples don’t do in their relationships. While avoiding these pitfalls might not guarantee a perfect relationship (because, let’s face it, no relationship is perfect), it certainly helps in building a stronger, healthier, and happier bond. Now, ask yourself, how many of these do you practice in your relationship? And remember, it’s never too late to start!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can we resolve conflicts without hurting each other?
Start by listening actively and speaking without accusing. Focus on the issue, not the person, and seek solutions together.

2. What if my partner and I have different interests?
Celebrate your differences! They can bring richness and excitement to your relationship. Try to find joy in your partner’s interests and share your own.

3. How often should we show appreciation to each other?
Ideally, daily! No gesture of appreciation is too small, and regular, genuine expressions of gratitude strengthen the bond between you.

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