10 Ways To Decrease Knee Pain at Home

Decrease Knee Pain at Home

If you have severe knee pain, then here are some remedies that will decrease the knee pain at home.


If you are experiencing mild to moderate knee pain, you can decrease the knee pain by following some natural remedies at home. These remedies will help you to manage the symptoms and also will help to improve your comfort level. Here are the most suitable treatments for knee pain that can be trying at home.

Top 10 Remedies To Decrease Knee Pain at Home:

Top 10 Remedies To Decrease Knee Pain At Home

1. Heat and Cold Therapy

Heat and cold therapy will help to relieve knee pain and inflammation. The heat treatment includes a long warm shower that will help you to ease the stiffness. Or else you can use any kind of blanket that induces heat.

Sometimes trying the cold treatment also helps you as it will relieve the pain, inflammation, and swelling. You can wrap a gel of ice pack, or you can put some ice cubes in the towel around your knees that will decrease the knee pain quickly. 

Note: Never apply the ice directly to your skin.

2. Weight Management

The most common reason for knee pain is overweight and obesity which can put the additional pressure on the knee joints. Also, some research has shown that there is a direct link between inflammation and obesity. It is proven people with a higher BMI will have a higher risk of knee pain. 

Losing weight may help you improve mobility, decrease the pain, and prevent future damage to your joints.

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3. Ginger Extract

People with knee pain may consume ginger extract in the form of ginger tea, or you can even consume ginger root. When ginger has been consumed for a long time, it will reduce knee pain. Ginger is the best home remedy for all your knee problems.

Ginger consists of a compound called Gingerol, and this compound is rich in anti-inflammatory properties. To get quicker relief, you can consume ginger tea twice a day. You can consume ginger along with milk for effective results.

4. Include Turmeric in Your Dishes

Turmeric is a common yellow spice that is used in many dishes. It contains a chemical substance called curcumin, which is rich in anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. So, research shows that this will helps to reduce knee pain and inflammation.

You can add a mild amount of turmeric to your dinner, which will be the safest option to prefer. When turmeric is consuming with warm milk, it will act as a treating agent that will reduce the pain as the turmeric is rich in antiseptic and healing properties.

5. Massage

Massage is an excellent and easiest way to get rid of the knee and joint pain. For effective results, you can use essential oil and do massaging on your knees. As per the studies and research, essential oil like ginger, Bergamot, Lemongrass, and orange oil is working well for knee pain. It will increase the stiffness and also reduce the pain in the joint area. You can also massage the thigh muscle, which has a greater impact on the knee region.  

6. Exercise

Exercise is the best way to decrease your knee pain at home, and it also helps to manage your weight, keep your joints flexible, and strengthens the muscle of the joins by increasing the support.

Some of the most well-known and effective exercises include swimming, walking, cycling, and kind of water activities. The exercise will strengthen the upper leg muscles and the quadriceps muscles, and this will protect the muscles in the knee joint. Doing quad and hamstring will keep your knee strong.

7. Apply Apple Cider Vinegar

Some studies have attested that apple cider vinegar is rich in anti-inflammatory properties, helping you get relief from knee pain. Besides keeping the joint healthy, it will also restore the lubrication in the joints so you can move your legs easily without any pain.

Before going to bed, you can drink half a cup of apple cider vinegar mixed in a glass of water. It will reduce the pain and also improve the stiffness. 

8. Tai Chi

Tai chi is a form of mind-body exercise that is adapted from China, and it will improve balance and flexibility. Research has been conducted, and it shows that tai chi is most beneficial for people who are having osteoarthritis. This exercise not only reduces the pain but also improve the knee motion.

This exercise majorly involves deep breathing and relaxation, and apart from the knee pain, it will reduce the stress and helps to relieve the chronic pain.

9. Try Meditation

Meditation will help reduce stress, which helps reduce knee pain and enable strong knees. Reducing stress is the most vital factor as it will reduce inflammation and pain, which can be obtained by meditation.

People having high knee pain can prefer yoga as it is a kind of meditation that combines meditation, relaxation, and breathing techniques with low-impact exercises. Performing meditation will help the patients to improve their strength of the knee clinically.

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10. Follow a Healthy Diet

If you maintain an overweight body, then you have a higher risk of getting knee pain. So, healthily losing weight may help to reduce the knee pain for a longer time. Obesity may cause inflammation, and mostly the knees are affected.

Following a healthy diet may keep you away from obesity. It would help if you adopted a diet that contains a high amount of fruits, vegetables, and fiber. The diet should also be low in meat, animal fat, and other kinds of fat.

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In Conclusion

Ways To Decrease Knee Pain at Home

These home remedies will help you treat the knee pain, but you can perform a low-impact exercise to improve the performance. You can decrease knee pain by following some remedies at home, but you need some medical attention if you experience severe knee pain.