Why you should sleep on your left side every night

You Should Sleep on Your Left Side Every Night

Here I’m showing you the reasons why you should sleep on your left side every night.

But before I do that, have you ever paid some attention to your sleeping posture? 

If not, you need to know that your sleeping posture significantly impacts the quality of your sleep and overall health. 

But if you are a side sleeper, sleeping on the left side every night is the best thing ever. 

Do you know why? 

Well, because it has plenty of health benefits.

Let’s take a look at all the benefits and reasons that will convince you to sleep on the left side every night.

1. Sleeping on the left side improves your digestion

Smooth working of the digestive system is very beneficial for your health as it will keep you comfortable and healthy.

Your sleeping posture also impacts your digestive system. 

In fact, if you sleep on your left, then the natural force of gravity will make it easier for the food waste to move from the large intestine into the colon.

Moreover, sleeping on the left will keep your pancreas and liver hanging naturally. 

It will not restrict their working and allow them to continue their functions normally. 

2. Sleeping on the left side keeps your heart healthy

Your heart keeps you alive, and it is very important to take care of it in every possible way.

Scientific studies have shown that sleeping on the left keeps your heart healthy.

Why? It’s because your heart is on the left side. 

In fact, when you sleep on your left, then the blood circulation towards your heart will significantly improve due to the natural force of gravity.

This way, you will be able to remove stress on your heart and keep it relaxed. 

That’s why sleeping on the left is considered better for the health of your heart.

3. Sleeping on the left side is very helpful for pregnant women 

It’s no secret that pregnancy is a very sensitive phase, and every woman needs to take good care of her health during pregnancy. 

The simple truth is:

The sleeping posture of a pregnant woman also has a strong impact on her body and health.

Scientific studies have shown that sleeping on the left side improves blood circulation among pregnant women. 

Plus, it also helps with reducing pressure on their back and prevents their uterus from compressing the liver and causing pain & discomfort. 

As a result, the flow of blood towards the kidneys, fetus, and uterus improves significantly. 

In fact, this is the exact reason why healthcare experts always recommend pregnant women to sleep on their left side for as long as possible.

4. Sleeping on the left side helps relieve heartburn

Many times, we eat hot & spicy food at dinner that causes heartburn at night. 

In general, it disturbs our sleep and causes extreme discomfort (burning pain in the chest or an acidic or bitter taste).

Basically: If you are also experiencing serious heartburn at night, then there’s good news for you. 

Sleeping on the left can help relieve your heartburn.

In fact, several studies have shown that when you sleep on the left side, the acidic gastric juices of the stomach stay below the esophagus. 

This significantly reduces the severity of heartburn and provides you relief in a short time. 

5. Sleeping on the left side may help relieve your back pain

Suffering from back pain is a terrible experience as it causes extreme discomfort. 

You are unable to walk, run, or even sleep properly.

That said:

If you are also suffering from back pain, then sleeping on your back can provide you some relief. 

Specifically, the reason is that when you lie on your side, then the pressure is removed from your spine and back. 

This way, your spine and back muscles will relax, and you’ll feel relief from back pain. 

It will help you enjoy a good sleep.

6. Sleeping on the left side helps stop snoring

A lot of people want to get rid of snoring while sleeping, but they find it very difficult to stop.

Let’s face it:

If you also think that stopping snoring at night is out of your control, don’t worry because the solution is here.

If you sleep on your left side, it will prevent your tongue from into the throat and cause snoring. 

This way, your air pathway will stay clear, and you will stop snoring.

7. Sleeping on the left side improve your lymphatic system

Certain processes are going on in our body all the time that produces a lot of waste. 

Our body works to filter that waste to keep us healthy.

Studies have shown that sleeping on the left side improves the lymphatic system of your body. 

Since the left side of your body is known to be the dominant lymphatic side, the lymph fluid is filtered better when you sleep on your left.

Moreover, sleeping on the left side also aids the body in processing different waste materials from your brain.

On the other hand, sleeping on the right side reduces the efficiency of your lymphatic system and restricts it from performing better.

How to sleep on your left side every night

It’s important to use two pillows. 

All you need to do is:

  • Place one pillow between your knees: It will support your knees, keep your pelvis and spine neutral.
  • Hug the second pillow: This will calm the mind and ease your stress
  • Keep your arms parallel.

There you have it!

To sum up, we have dropped all the benefits of sleeping on the left side. 

You can also try it out tonight and note the difference it makes.