Whiten your yellow teeth at home with these remedies

Whiten Your Yellow Teeth at Home With These Remedies

Lack of brushing teeth twice a day or cigarette smoking is the main reason for yellow teeth, as nicotine in cigarettes makes the surface of teeth yellowish and cannot be removed easily.

You can make your teeth white and good-looking by avoiding smoking cigarettes or brushing your teeth twice a day.

Mayor Boss wants to help you to keep your teeth white. Therefore whiten your yellow teeth at home with the following simple remedies:

1. Baking soda

Baking soda contains natural whitening properties, which have been proven effective in whitening yellow teeth.

Brushing your teeth gently with baking soda mix with little water will whiten your teeth in a couple of weeks or days.

On the other hand, It helps remove bacteria from the teeth’ surface and remove stains in your mouth. Learn more about baking soda benefits.

2. Charcoal powder

Charcoal powder helps in whitening teeth and remove stains from your teeth. 

Dip your brush in charcoal powder for a min and apply it to your teeth. 

While scrubbing it, make sure to keep your clothes away from the paste as it can cause stains on the clothes. 

This charcoal brush will make your teeth look white and will remove any plaque buildup between the teeth.

3. Reduce sugar foods

High sugar foods or drinks dull the teeth as well as make them much thin and weak. Consume it moderately is the best way to increase your teeth’ health.

Avoid high-consuming sugar products such as granola, wine, or soft drinks, sweets for your teeth to look white and beautiful. 

4. Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is a valuable and natural bleaching agent used for healing wounds that are affected by bacteria.

On the other hand, the American Dental Association supports the use of 10% peroxide concentrations to whiteners teeth.

However, any peroxide higher than 10% can damage your tooth.

You can use it as a mouth wash to reduce the stains and reduce the bacterias In the mouth that affect your teeth.

Besides, much popular toothpaste uses hydrogen peroxide due to several dental benefits. Learn more about hydrogen peroxide benefits.

5. Eat calcium food

Increase your diet’s calcium intake as teeth turn yellow due to low calcium intake in your diet. Yogurt, milk, and cheese is the best calcium product that helps to whiten teeth.

6. Chew some fruits

Chewing pineapple is the best way to whiten your teeth. No doubt chewing fruits and vegetables helps in whitening your teeth as well.

Besides, you can chew apples, strawberries, oranges, and lemons. They are the best fruits and natural remedies that can help make your teeth whiter and reduce the risk of discoloration.

7. Brushing properly

Cleaning your teeth twice a day can keep you healthy and keep you away from many dental diseases and other bacterias.

Besides brushing, floss it daily, as some particles are left behind between teeth that brushes usually don’t approach it.

Flossing helps in cleaning the teeth from all sides, even in the little edges.

Neglecting to floss and brush may cause your teeth to be yellow, develop plaque and several bacteria, as plaque is a hard material that usually consists of food particles and bacterias and may remove your enamel, causing tooth sensitivity. 

Therefore, brushing and flossing whiten your yellow teeth and increase the health of your tooth.

8. Try oil pulling

Oil pulling is the fastest way to get whiten teeth as it removes bacterias and can whiten your teeth in about two weeks.

On the contrary, there is no conclusive scientific evidence to confirm this.

However, several studies and publications claim that oil pulling using coconut oil, sesame oil, and sunflower oil can help reduce the number of bacteria in the mouth and prevent tooth decay and whiten teeth.

Note: Don’t swallow the oil after pulling. Make sure to spit out the oil because it may cause an upset stomach and diarrhea if you swallow.

8. Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is also an excellent choice for keeping your teeth look white and pretty. It consists of acetic acid that removes stains and any plaque buildup.

Wash your mouth with apple cider, and you can see the difference in the morning. It will make your teeth look white and help remove bacteria and other germs present in the mouth, causing problems. 

Read more about Apple cider vinegar benefits.

9. Chew nuts such as almonds, walnuts, and cashew nuts.

Chewing abrasive food such as nuts can remove plaque and helps in reducing the additional risk of buildup, therefore, whiten your teeth.

On the other hand, nuts will protect the enamel of teeth as it consists of healthy protein and nutrients that will keep your teeth safe and secure from several dental problems.

10. Orange peeling

Orange is acidic and hence helps whiten the teeth and make them look brighter than before. 

Use an orange peel to gently scrub your teeth. Then, after 4-5 minutes, brush your teeth. 

Note: Excess scrubbing can damage your teeth or make them much more sensitive. So scrub gently.

11. Salt

Make a paste of a pinch of salt with baking soda and a little water. Apply it to your brush and clean your teeth. 

You will get a shining and fabulous result as salt consists of sodium bicarbonate that removes stains.

Taking care of teeth after whitening

Once you get whiten treatment of your teeth, you should avoid smoke and products with high sugar as it can cause a yellowish color on your teeth. 

Brush your teeth twice a day and reduce the intake of sugar products that can affect your teeth.

Consult your dentist every six months for healthy and whiten teeth. Floss it daily so no particles will get stuck at the edges of the tooth.