7 Signs Your Partner Is Cheating

Signs Your Partner Is Cheating

Do you want to know if your partner is cheating? Yes, you want.

Let’s be honest …

Cheating is one of those issues in relationships no one wants to experience. 

Of course, being cheated on is gut-wrenching and painful. It can affect your self-worth and self-esteem.

It is also something that may take a while for us to come to terms with.

This article will show you seven sure signs your partner is most likely cheating on you or about to cheat.

1. They are always on their phone/hiding their phone screen from you. 

Yes, we are in a society where spending hours on our phones is normalized.

But when we are genuinely into our partners, our natural instinct is to cuddle more with our partners instead of spending too much time on our phones constantly texting…

So, if your partner is all about their phone, it is a sign that they are bored with you and getting the attention from someone else on their phone.

Bottom line:

If you notice that your partner is constantly hiding their phone screen from you, and you can’t figure out why. They may be cheating or about to.

2. They are emotionally distant

If you notice your partner is emotionally detached from you, they are cheating or about to cheat. 

Let me say this straight:

A person who wants to step out of their relationship detaches themselves emotionally from their partners so they can easily go be with someone else without feeling guilty.

3. They hang out with their cheating friends more than they do with you

Make no mistake about this.

If your spouse likes to always hang out with cheating friends, they might eventually start cheating also, thinking it’s ok to cheat. 

If they don’t want to spend time with you, they are one step out of the door.

Let me be clear:

Your partner stands a chance of cheating as long as they hang out with cheating friends who cheated on their partners.

4. Lack of intimacy

Lack of intimacy is an obvious sign your partner is cheating.

Unless your partner is on a medication that decreases their libido or has a health/mental issue affecting their s*x drive, your intimate life should be active at least once a week. 

But, if your partner is dreading having s*x with you for other reasons that are not related to health or medication, they are cheating or about to start cheating on you. 

When they are already sexually satisfied by someone else, they don’t need you to do that.

5. There are unexplained spending or weird behaviors around money.

Unexplained spending behavior is guaranteed signs of cheating.

Let me explain:

If you notice they spend money on gifts you never received, restaurants, or hotels you were not invited to, your partner is cheating. 

If your partner keeps telling you he/she is on a budget so they can’t buy you gifts. Still, they get expensive things for themselves. 

They are either spending the money they are supposed to spend on you on someone else, or they are just selfish people. 

You should probably reevaluate your relationship with them. 

6. They have become suddenly paranoid

New behaviors such as picking a fight over the smallest thing or ignoring you when you are talking to them signify they are tired of you and want you to be the one to break up with them so they can move on with their side partner.

7. They have abruptly become more aware of their fashion sense

We all want to improve our appearances, but a sudden interest in doing so may mean a new man or woman has caught your partner’s attention, and they are trying to look nice to them.